As you lie on your bed, you somehow realize that you are dying. An angel of God who is full of light informs you that you are needed for a special mission in heaven by Jesus. You are told that Jesus wants you to go there and then you will come back. The angel advices you to inform one of your close relatives or friends that they should not take your body to the mortuary or bury it as you are going to heaven for a short time and you will be back soon.


Your soul has already separated with the body now and you can see those around the room. They seem to be astonished that now you are dead. You try to tell them goodbye but you realize that they cannot hear you. You try to touch them but they cannot feel you.


Outside, you see a chariot waiting for you. An angel escorts you to the chariot and you board. In no time you start a swift ascent to heaven. The speed is very high. You pass through the first heaven i.e. the atmosphere and then the second heaven i.e. the universe. After leaving the universe, you can now see the magnificent city of New Jerusalem. There you are welcomed by Jesus who shows you the glories and wonders of heaven.


After been shown heaven and being told by Jesus to go back to earth and tell your testimony, you are now ready to come back to earth. In an instant, you are back to your house. You see your body still lying on the bed and your soul comes back to it and enters it and you come back to life. You have been to heaven for hours or days.


You start telling your testimony. Some people believe it but others say that may be you were dreaming or hallucinating. But you are sure of one thing that you went to heaven and back!


The city of New Jerusalem


This city is seen by many who go to heaven and back. The architectural design of the city is one that is not near anything that is found on earth. Its gates are described by those who go there and back as being pearly and the great street of the city as being made of pure gold.


This is what the bible says about the New Jerusalem



” And he carried me away in the spirit to a mountain great and high, and showed me the holy city, Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, and its brilliance was like that of a very precious jewel like a jasper, clear as crystal. It had a great high wall with twelve gates and with twelve angels at the gates. On the gates were written the names of the twelve tribes of Israel”- NIV


Rev 21:21

“The twelve gates were twelve pearls each gate made of a single pearl. The great street of the city was of pure gold like transparent glass”- NIV

The river and the tree of life


According to those who go to heaven and back, the tree of life is not just one tree. They are numerous trees found in many parts of heaven. As for the river, some have immersed into it and they say that you do not get wet even after doing so.


Even the bible does not talk of the tree of life being just one tree. The bible says that on both sides of the river of life is the tree of life. If we are talking of both sides of the river, then it must be more than one tree.


Some of those who have been to heaven and back have even eaten the fruit of the tree of life.


This is what the bible says about the tree of life


Rev: 22:1-2

Then the Lord showed me the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb down the middle of the great street of the city. On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. – NIV


The suburbs of the city


There are suburbs outside the city of New Jerusalem where some souls live. According to those who have gone there and back, souls who go there for eternity first land in the heavenly portals which are found in the suburbs. In the suburbs they are prepared to meet Jesus in the New Jerusalem. Seneca Sodi’s testimony describes this so well that it will be interesting to read about it.

Souls do eat in heaven


Ever heard of a wedding supper without eating? Not really. There cannot be supper without food.


The wedding that will take place in the end in heaven is called the wedding supper of the lamb. It is called supper because eating is involved.


Those who have gone there and seen the table of the wedding supper of the Lord say it is a sight to behold. There is the most attractive food that you can ever imagine.


Yes! souls do eat in heaven at all times according to the testimonies of those who have gone there and back. Most of the food eaten there seems to be fruit.


As for the wedding supper, the bible says


Rev: 19:9


Then the angel said to me, “write: ‘blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the lamb!’ “And he added, “these are the true words of God’ “- NIV

Souls are busy in heaven


At first I had believed that people who go to heaven go to rest waiting for the judgment day. This is probably wrong according to those who have gone to heaven and back. Souls are normally busy learning new things, welcoming new arrivals and orienting them to heaven.


Above all souls are busy worshiping the Lord in heaven. This is in the bible. John the revelator says he saw multitude of people worshiping God


Rev: 7:9-10

“after this I looked and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and in front of the lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands. And they cried out in a loud voice


‘Salvation belongs to our God, who sits on the throne and to the lamb’


Rev: 7:15a

“Therefore, they are before the throne of God and serve him day and night in his temple;”


The only difference with working in heaven and working on earth is that in heaven you never get tired or weary and you always delight totally in whatever you are doing. Also in heaven all needs and desires are met unlike here on earth.

Souls do not have absolute knowledge in heaven


Souls in heaven do not have all knowledge about all things in heaven. Once a soul arrives in heaven, there must be learning of heavenly things. Even those who have been there for thousands of years only know a very small portion of heaven. Indeed it would probably take eternity to learn everything about heaven.


The only difference between learning in heaven and learning here on earth is that in heaven one cannot fail to understand and the learning process is very rapid.

Chariots in heaven


Souls are not omnipresent in heaven but Jesus is i.e. souls are not present in all places at the same time. Therefore they need a means of transport from one part of heaven to another. One of these means of transport is the heavenly chariots.


Has one of these chariots ever travelled to planet earth? If testimonies are anything to go by, these chariots come to earth and back to heaven many times in a day to take souls to heaven among other things.


The best example in the bible is when one came to take Elijah the prophet of God and Elisha was allowed to see it. Another example is when Elisha was attacked and God allowed his servant to see the chariots that had come to protect Elisha. Heavenly chariots are mentioned in a few other verses in the bible. Angels also travel in these chariots.


These chariots could be at work on earth all the time but we cannot see them because they are heavenly in nature. The fact that angels came in chariots to protect Elisha means that the same thing is happening even today as angels still do protect us.


They are said to be able to move at very high speed and are completely noiseless.


Ever heard of UFOS (unidentified flying objects)? Just a minute. Don’t rush to conclude that they are the heavenly chariots. This is a subject for another day.


However, chariots are not the only means of transport available in heaven.


Concerning chariots, the bible says


2kings 2:11

As they were walking along and talking together, suddenly a chariot of fire and horses of fire appeared and separated the two of them, and Elijah went up in heaven in a whirlwind.- NIV


2kings 6:17

And Elisha prayed, “O Lord , open his eyes so he may see.” Then the Lord opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all round Elisha.- NIV

Heavenly Mansions


Some of those who went to heaven and back were even allowed to enter the heavenly mansions. They are said to be located both within the City of New Jerusalem and its suburbs.


The architectural design is so elegant that there are no earthly words to describe it. The mansions are many many times more magnificent than the most beautiful mansion you have ever seen on earth.


These mansions are mentioned in the bible by Jesus as follows


John 14:2


In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you- KJV

There is no sun in heaven


There is no sun in heaven yet the entire heaven is sufficiently lit. Nowhere can you find darkness. The glory of God is the source of light in heaven.


Rev 22:5


There will be no more night. They will not need the light of a lamp or the light of the sun, for the Lord God will give them light. And they will reign for ever and ever.-NIV



Now you can read the testimonies of those who went there and back


Seneca Sodi’s testimony



This is one of the most extraordinary testimonies you will ever read. Seneca Sodi was a man living on the foot holds of cascades. One day the writer of this testimony, Elwood Scott, travelled to Cascades and met Seneca Sodi there. Then he went back home.


Later Seneca Sodi was to be taken to heaven for forty days by angels. After the forty days, he was taken back home and had a resurrection like the first resurrection mentioned in the bible.


When Jesus resurrected on the third day, the bible says that many saints also resurrected with him and were seen by many in the city of Jerusalem (not New Jerusalem).


Mat 27:52-53


And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose, and came out of the graves after his resurrection and went into the holy city and appeared unto many.-KJV


After Seneca Sodi’s resurrection, he was taken to the home of the writer of this testimony, Elwood Scott, by angels. After being shown the home, which was in another continent, he could visit the writer on different days and narrate to him the testimony of what he had seen in heaven. The writer jotted down what he heard from Seneca Sodi and came up with a book titled


“Paradise, the Holy City and the Glory of the Throne”


The following are the first three chapters of the book and then the last two chapters.

Introduction by the writer

For many months past I have had frequent visits from a very peculiar visitor. Although his visits have been surprises to me, yet they have been most welcome indeed.

At first I was startled and greatly surprised when a man with silken beard and flowing garments came into my study entirely uninvited and without apology.

At first his visits were brief, then longer. If I went for an evening’s walk in the fields or woods, he would frequently drop into my company, and seemed delighted to walk with me. I soon found he could speak different languages with perfect ease and that his nationality was different from my own.

He seemed of superior ability and his intellectual powers were in ability far beyond my own. In short, he was a very uncommon person.

I have had a custom for many years past of rising early in the morning and taking a drive for an hour or two before breakfast. Not infrequently I have overtaken a man who asked me for a ride; but on a number of occasions after I had welcomed the journeyman to my side, I found, Philip-like, by the side of the man in the chariot — he was my silken bearded friend.

Frequently after an hour’s conversation he would simply vanish from my presence without a moment’s notice; and I have often looked in all directions, but in vain to see the course of his departure.

I have been entranced and lost in wonder and admiration at the trend of his conversation, and the nature of his revelations. My soul loved him exceedingly and was grieved at his departure. Sometimes, after the family had retired, he would steal into my room while busy at my studies and remain until after the midnight hour.

Among his earlier visits, one evening he asked me if I could still write shorthand.

“Indeed,” I said, “with as much ease as in earlier days.”

“I have been looking for you for some time,” he replied, “and if you consent to serve the purpose for which I have sought you, I will confer a favored saint’s blessing upon you.”

I gave him all the assurance I could of obedience to any reasonable request he might ask. He then lovingly replied:

“You shall then write a message for me to the people.”

After the arrangements were all completed for its final disposition, he appointed an evening for a visit similar to those we had enjoyed so much when he took me by surprise. So from time to time we met and the results were the following pages which will explain this introduction.

I am glad I consented to write for him. It has been with continual wonder, surprise, and admiration, and has also been a great blessing to me personally.

During one of his earlier visits he explained that he was the same man I had met some years before on the mountain slopes of the Cascades. I remembered him quite well, for I had spent a day and a night in his cheerful home, and under his holy influence. His name was Seneca Sodi, a Greek of Jewish descent, a fine scholar, a firm believer in Christianity, and a thorough student of his Bible.

But he seemed so changed now, and his face glowed with such a halo of light that I did not recognize him at first and was inclined to doubt his story and to let it all pass as a clever trick, that I could not explain, that was being practiced upon me. Yet I could see a great similarity in the appearance of this man and my long bearded friend of the Cascades.

I said to him: “How can this be?” He quickly replied, in the twinkling of an eye, “Only an earlier sheaf in the great resurrection harvest,”

“Oh, my God!” I said, “is it true that there is a man who has already experienced the great resurrection of the just, which is to occur at the last day?”

I thought then of the translation of Enoch, and of the chariot which swept Elijah into the heavens; of Moses, who twice fasted forty days and was alone with God upon the Mount of Vision until he had caught a radiance of the eternal glory.

I thought of Paul who had been caught up into the third heaven and heard words of the everlasting kingdom. I thought again of the many bodies of the saints which slept and arose after our Lord’s resurrection; who went about Jerusalem showing themselves alive from the dead.

So I reasoned within myself, saying, may not great events occur in these last days of Gentile grace? Why should not Seneca Sodi, one of the descendants of the ancient Israel of God, in these last days receive great revelations from the Almighty and an earlier resurrection than the rest of the great harvest? But I must leave him to tell his own story.

—Elwood Scott

Seneca Sodi’s First Visit

It was the first day of June and the sun had set. The toil of the day was over. I had my studio thoroughly lighted and In the cleanest and best condition I could make It. I had provided pencils, paper, pens and ink, and was nervously waiting for my silken bearded friend. I felt a keen sense of uneasiness, not knowing the full nature of his mission or what all it might embrace. I knelt and most solemnly prayed that the Almighty Father might be my helper, for my visitor had impressed me with a sense of awe, and that I was quite insignificant in his presence.
The door at last opened and Seneca Sodi came in. A wonderful halo of light about his head and face.
I arose to greet him and with a pleasant “good evening” he apparently gripped my hand.
‘My son,” he said, “I greet you in the name of the Father.”
When he had taken a seat, he said: “DO you remember my humble home at the foothills of the Cascades?”
“Indeed I do, and the long ramble among the hills we enjoyed together that day) and of the sleepless hours until after midnight and of my promise to endeavor to see you again in your little earthly mansion of bliss.”
“I could not wait for your return,” said Seneca “Strange experiences were awaiting me. I had been earnestly hoping that the coming of the Lord was near at hand and was much in prayer. I was strangely impressed with the thought of coming great events, but was not expecting the great favors which were so soon to be shown to me. But I find that God takes delight in surprising us with new and great blessings.

The Story Begins

Dinner had just been eaten and I had lain down on the couch for a few moments’ rest. My two servants, Sena and Serva, were busy about the house, when all of a sudden, a blast of a trumpet called us all to the door.

A beautiful chariot of gold and two drivers clothed in white garments were standing very near. Immediately I seemed to fall into a trance and was lost to earthly things for a time. The angels came into the room and urged me to prepare quickly, saying, “For the Lord of the kingdom has need of thee.”

I could easily understand their errand and language. I was filled with exultant praise in the thought of immediately going home. Resuming consciousness of earthly things, I quickly arranged with Sena and Serva, who had only seen glimpses of glory in flashes of bright light, but felt the presence of invisible ones about the room, to guard carefully the body, should I leave it behind. I found myself in a semi-conscious state, and saw a number of holy beings about my bed, for I felt so weary, I had lain down. I had momentary thoughts flung across my mind: “Is this really death? Am I really going to say good-bye to worldly things this day? Am I truly in the borderland of eternity? If so, blessed victory!”

I felt, now creeping into my soul, the raptures of eternal joy — oh, such light and visions of glory which were granted to me then! Spiritual essences and things began to loom up before me with great vividness to my comprehension. I seemed to be passing out into a large place where a new order of things was existing. With one last effort to see and speak to my servants, I barely could say, “Good-bye,” as I saw their anxious eyes looking into mine. I heard some broken sentences and tried to explain, when I thought they were far out of hearing, and I closed my eyes only to open them in an eternal day.

The next thing I observed was that I was standing in one corner of the room looking with deep interest upon my body, which was lying in quiet repose upon the bed. I cannot well describe the strange yet joyful feelings of my soul on finding myself released from the body. I came forward and stood beside the bed and with feelings mingled with joy and pity I said to my body, “I feel sorry to leave you behind, but you are still mortal and will be till the resurrection.”

I next saw three angels with me who seemed busy with some peculiar embalming process for my body, which I did not understand. They spoke to me most pleasantly and said: “Be not afraid. We are come as your escorts to your heavenly home, the light of which shines so brightly upon you now.”

How quickly I thought of that scripture: “The angels are all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation! (Hebrews 1:14) I soon came to realize that physical eyes cannot see spiritual beings nor comprehend their movements except by some miraculous intervention; but that spirits can comprehend both matter and spirit.

I found that my vision was greatly improved since being freed from the mortal body — nor did I regret now I was released, for everything seemed to shine with a luster and glow with a brightness I had never known before; and what seemed more remarkable still, was that the sunlight did not aid me in any sense to comprehend things about me, for I knew that at night when all the world were asleep and that it was entirely dark to outward human eyes, yet to me everything shone with a splendor more grand than the brightest noonday earth ever afforded.

Again and again the scripture came to me: “Yea the darkness hideth not from thee, but the night shineth as the day. The darkness and the light are both alike unto thee,” (Psalm 139:12) and again, “there shall be no night there.” (Revelation 21:25)

I saw distinctly a number of angels about the room, each of which was covered with robes of pure and heavenly light, so gladdening to my soul. I wondered why I could not have discerned them before, even while in the body. The scripture came to me where the prophet said, “The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear him and delivereth them.” (Psalm 34:7)

From this time I began to feel a strange upward bounding tendency. My spirit felt a mighty pull heavenward as though elastic cords were fastened to all parts of my soul, with the other end reaching into the skies.

Sena and Serva sat weeping by the bedside. I tried to speak to them, but could not arrest their attention. I walked near to them and laid my hand upon their heads, but still they did not comprehend me. They only seemed to weep more bitterly for there seemed to be a soul touch. Then again their tears would dry and they would scan the room as though some voice had been heard, and I felt sure they realized something of my presence without comprehending the truth as to how it was.

The angels now began to sing and oh such sweet music I never heard while in the body. When they had finished the anthem, they said, “Will you now follow us?” When we had stepped outside, I saw the chariot which seemed to be made of light. It was standing still at the threshold. I understood its meaning and the special errand of the angels, and I longed to spring within, as I fairly shouted “Hallelujah,” which I ant sure the angels heard, for they quickly said, “Glory to God in the highest.”

I tried to say good-bye to my sleeping body, the old home and my two servants when the angels hastened me to a seat with them in a chariot. They again assured me of a safe journey homeward. In a moment more the chariot began to rise with a swift and noiseless motion, and to me with an unknown speed, we were going on our flight toward the eternal mansions.

No sooner had I taken my seat in the chariot than I found I could converse with the angels with perfect freedom. There seemed to be a kind of comprehension of ideas without the effort of words; and yet we spoke as spirits speak. I have often heard words spoken while in the body which were wholly in the ear of the soul, and yet most distinctly understood when there was no audible voice whatever — the same as at St. Paul’s conversion: he heard a voice distinctly in his inner consciousness while those who journeyed with him saw no man from whom the voice came.

I now asked, “Are you really and truly angels of God, about whom we have read and sung and heard so much while in the world?”

“Truly we are,” they replied, “but of our birth you know nothing, for in fact we were not born but created; not in the earth but in celestial regions. We have learned our lessons in the past eternities in the presence of God; but we are glad to be your servants and helpers now, and this has been our glad service ever since man was created upon the earth, but we can tell you more about ourselves at another time.”

I replied, “We have been strangers until this time, but you make me feel great confidence in your ability to safely guide the chariot. I have been looking for this time for many years, but did not know it was so near.”

“Oh,” said the charioteer, “you need have no fears, I will conduct you safely to your eternal home.”

“I looked out of the chariot again and saw we were passing with indescribable speed. The earth with its cities, towns and mountains were vanishing like a spector in the distance. We soon seemed to have the moon under feet as we mounted the pillars of the heavens. We had much conversation on the way. I found the angels most tender and lovely beings, so full of instruction and helpfulness; my soul loved them exceedingly. I felt as though I was acquainted with the heavenly kingdom, for the angels had told me so much. As I would look abroad from the chariot window, the stars could be seen everywhere just as I had always seen them from the earth; I knew then we had not gone beyond the regions of the solar system, so I asked the angel: “Where is heaven?”

“Oh,” said he, “it is not far away. The earth is the first habitation of man, and while he is of the earth he is earthly in his nature. Heaven is the future and everlasting habitation of all those who have prepared themselves for it. You will soon find that my words are true that heaven is not far away. Your Father’s love and care have provided both these worlds for you. Your heavenly home is your real home. The earth was only your birthplace, the place of your beginning. But when God gave you eternal life He connected you with all heavenly realms, for He gave you His life which has always been. “Look and see,” said he, for I was in the deepest consideration of these things for they meant so much to me now.

I looked abroad; we were just entering a region of bright clouds something like a glorious, glowing, earthly sunset, only far superior. The time had been very brief indeed, but we were actually slowing up in the great suburbs of the eternal kingdom.

“Listen a moment,” I said to the angel, “what music do I hear? Is it real or am I in imagination?”

“It is the song of the redeemed in heaven you hear. All the heavenly kingdom is full of music without a discord.”

No sweeter music ever fell on my ears. I was perfectly enraptured with delight.

“Are we near the gates of the city?”

“Very near to the portals of paradise,” he said. At this the angels bowed their heads and covered their faces with their hands, while I fell flat on my face in the chariot. Stillness reigned in our souls, but deep emotions began to heave in my breast. I felt I must break the silence by shouting the praises of God. The angels now began to sing with a sweet voice, “Holy, holy, Lord God Almighty! Just and true are all thy ways, thou King of Saints.”

I sprang to my feet and for a moment seemed perfectly bewildered with what met my gaze in every direction. The light was so transparent and far exceeding the most perfect day earth ever afforded. Clusters of heavenly flowers were growing everywhere. Groves of beautiful trees loaded with fruit, along with magnificent flowering shrubs beautiful beyond description met my eye in all directions. Roadways like winding streets arranged with exquisite taste and beauty, were penetrating this pleasure ground of glory. Lovely souls were coming and going, passing and re-passing each other with the salutations and courtesies that heaven only knows.

The chariot was now slowing its speed and such raptures of glory which filled my soul, I cannot describe them! I was simply lost in wonder, while I kept saying, “Surely I am at home at last.” The chariot seemed trembling as a thing of life and finally halted beside a beautiful grove of fruit laden trees. The doors were opened and the angels stepped out. I fairly sprang with one leap to the solid foundations of the heavenly kingdom. For a moment I stood perfectly entranced as I saw so many happy souls clothed in white garments of lovely patterns, and all with such bright and happy faces beaming with perfect contentment and satisfaction.

I could contain my feelings no longer. I fell on my face again beside the angel, with loud thanksgiving to God; and was in the act of worshipping the angel for his great care of and kindness toward me, when he said, “Worship God only, I am also a fellow servant of his and this is my joyous service.” At that he beckoned to one nearby. He came and was introduced as one of the elders of heaven, who gave me such a cordial welcome that my soul loved him intensely at once.

The angel now said, “I leave you in his care, but may see you again shortly.”

I put out my hand toward him saying, “I am sorry to see you go, you have been such a friend to me. What can I do for your great kindness to me?”

“Oh, you can soon help others,” said the angel. So waving with his hand, and with a lovely smile, he said “Good-bye,” and his chariot was gone.

The elder now said: “Well, my son, you are now at home. All that you see and infinitely more is the provision of your heavenly Father’s love and almighty power. This is the borderland, my son, of the heavenly domain. Your sacrifices on earth were little when compared to your great gains here.”

“Oh yes, and they were really nothing,” I said. There comes to my memory a sweet passage of scripture which I never fully comprehend until now: “For our light affliction, which is but for a moment worketh out for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.” (2 Corinthians 4:17)

“Sure enough,” said the elder. “You have only begun to comprehend the glory; the weight of it you will yet feel.”

“The grandeur and beauty of everything excels my highest expectation. Everything seems so real. Do tell me if I only fancy or am I in a dream, or is it really true that I am in heaven?”

“Oh,” the elder replied, “it is a common thing for souls when they reach the heavenly world to seem bewildered when first ushered into the presence of angels and the spirits of just men made perfect, and the glory of this kingdom. It does, indeed, exceed the most sanguine expectation. No, my son, you are not in a vision, you are really here. Your body indeed is left behind you, and you will find that you have many things to learn ere you reach the throne in the Holy city. But be content, for I see you have thoroughly washed your robes and made them white ere you left your earthly habitation.” “Be perfectly free,” said the elder, “in asking any questions you may like; for the knowledge of this world is acquired by investigation and inquiry as was our earthly knowledge. Every desire you have will be fully met. All your cravings, desires and longings after the knowledge of your everlasting habitation have been fully provided for here. Your heavenly Father’s will will be your will and all that you see, and infinitely more, are yours to enjoy forever. If you have made good use of your opportunities in your past life you have much treasure laid up in the city of which our Lord spoke while on earth and of which you will know more later on.”

“I see,” said the elder, “that yonder is another soul just brought from earth to paradise whom I must go and welcome.” So saying, he went toward the chariot and there stepped out a lovely looking man, indeed, clothed in a robe of the purest white. The elder beckoned me to him. As I came near and heard this conversation I found he was from the opposite side of the earth from which I had come. He spoke a different language from my own and yet I understood him well. In a moment he lifted up his hands and clasping them together he said, “Oh, bless God forever,” at which we both fell on our faces with adoring praise to our Almighty Father. We continued long for our souls were overcome with the raptures of this place.

When we arose, another saint, apparently of ancient times, came to him, and said, “Let me assist you in the ways of the kingdom.” I heard him ask after his name. He answered: “I am Bohemond of northern Russia. Only a few hours ago I kissed my wife and children good-bye and embarked on a vessel on the White Sea at Oneida bound for the North Cape. I only remember that the vessel was sinking and we were many fathoms below the surface. Oh, do tell me, is this heaven or is it but the mariner’s dream of home, when he is far away?”

“My son,” said this venerable father, “You have safely landed, not at the North Cape nor in the bottom of the White Sea, but in your eternal home. Your body no doubt is in the depths of the briny deep; but the angel was with you as the vessel went down and has brought you safely here. Your body will be cared for in the resurrection day of rewards.”

The elder who was with me said, “How rapidly we are gathering from all lands into our Father’s house. This is only one of the many stations located in these distant portions of paradise. To these stations all souls come for their introduction into this heavenly home.”

“How is that, will you explain to me?”

“Surely,” he replied, “you will more fully understand as we go forward. You could not have endured the glory of the throne, without being prepared for it. Even now you could not endure the light so abundant within the city.”

Just at this moment I saw a woman step from a chariot. She seemed to be so bewildered that she sank down as one of the attendants approached her. She threw up her hands and cried out in amazement, “Oh, my God! I am not worthy nor fit for this glory. Oh, can I ever be made right with God?” She closed her eyes almost unconscious with bewilderment and it seemed she could not speak as her attendant kindly addressed her with most loving words. At last she opened her eyes and looked about in wonder and amazement exclaiming, “Oh, these white garments, these golden goblets, trees of life and blooming flowers! I am not worthy of them. Have I really a right to be here and to all these beautiful trees loaded with such lovely fruit? Oh, the mercy of God! I was such a great sinner.”

“Yes, indeed,” replied her guide, “but your sins have all been forgiven. The angels make no mistakes. You have a right to these trees, for they are His on whom you have believed; yea they are yours, for you are His.”

At this she arose to her feet and said: “But have I the wedding garment on? I was earnestly trying when the chariot came for me. I was in such deep distress and confusion of soul, knowing I had not been prepared for so great a change.”

“You have been saved, my child.” said her attendant, “so as by fire, you were not a faithful servant of God, you did not build with gold, silver and precious stones, but with wood, hay and stubble, which have been burnt. God cannot reward you largely now. These infinite blessings spread out before you in all directions may be obtained by and by, when you are prepared for them. Be faithful to your present opportunities, for much is before you to be done. Advancements which ought to have been made in the world will have to be made here, ere you can go on to the city gates, or see the shining glory of the Jasper wall. Come with me and I will assist you in a further knowledge of Christ and His eternal salvation and kingdom.”

I now said to the elder by my side, “Will you explain to me her great mistake?”

“Surely,” he replied. “She represents a very large class in the world who have not made good use of earthly opportunities, she was never deeply interested in her salvation till near the time of her death. Do you not see how slim and lean she looks, and how little clothing she has, only a gown! Her repentance has been genuine and her faith accepted the promises of eternal life in her Lord, and her forgiveness has been complete. She has added but little grace and almost no growth to her soul. She feels now, as all such souls do and must feel, her great loss. She has no treasure laid up in heaven. Paradise itself seems too good for her; but God in His great mercy will bring her on. These trees are for her. Their leaves are full of healing virtue. No one who has not received the gift of eternal life and been born again will ever be carried by the angels to this glory. Many, alas, perish from the earth in sight of the Redeemer’s outstretched arms of love and mercy, because they will not accept His gracious help; they love the pleasures of sin more than God or these everlasting joys and pleasures at His right hand here forevermore.”

“Oh, blessed Christ,” I cried, “filled with everlasting love and mercy for thy people, that even in the last moments of life, like the dying thief, may be snatched from the jaws of death! But, oh, her great loss, how sad!”

A group of happy souls now came toward us. The elder introduced us. We were soon acquainted and conversed with each other with great freedom, although we had never met before. We seemed perfectly acquainted in a few moments and the visit was very pleasant indeed. One man fairly shouted the praises of God with loud hallelujahs, saying, “Oh, my God, I bless thee, I am in heaven at last!”

“Now,” said Seneca, “I must leave you for the night. You are weary and tired and must sleep. I will see you again on the second evening from this,” and he vanished from my room.
I sat musing. Where has he gone? Where does he stay? What is his food? Has he now no human association on earth? Can he not reveal himself to others as he has to me? When he comes again I must entertain him and find out, if possible, other secrets of his sojourn on earth.

Second visit


Further Introduction into Paradise

The day with its busy cares was passed. The evening was lovely indeed. The stars had just begun to show their presence in the twilight and I was waiting in my library at the appointed hour. The door opened and Seneca Sodi came in. I arose to greet him, and said, “Good evening,” and tried to clasp his hand in mine, but felt no touch of a material palm to mine as Is usual He replied: ‘7am glad to see you, my son. Are you prepared?” I told him I was, but felt a strange feeling of awe mingled with fear. His spotless purity seemed to come before me, and my own sinfulness and unworthiness was so apparent; but I summoned all my courage and said, “I am ready for your message.” He asked me, “Have you faithfully transcribed the previous message?” I told him I had and showed him the manuscript He hastily looked it over with satisfaction and said, “You may now write,” and he proceeded as follows:

It seemed most wonderful to me upon finding that I could converse with perfect ease and freedom with anyone I met, although we had been accustomed to different languages and tongues while on earth, and often had to speak through interpreters; but now I found, since I had laid aside the material for the spiritual, I could easily understand the thoughts of anyone. As rapidly as he could think I could read his thoughts. Matters of detailed explanation were not needed or required as I had been accustomed to while in the flesh, for if a subject was plain to any one with whom I was conversing, it seemed that at once it was just as clear to my own mind, so I was quite surprised to find how rapidly I could take in a knowledge of the spiritual realm, and yet a second surprise constantly met me: that of the great depth of divine truth.

For instance, many things I had learned from the Holy Scriptures, while in my flesh, were now opened with a depth of meaning I had never seen before. I could compare it to nothing better than to great layer after layer and strata upon strata of precious mineral rock, so that the deeper down and the further on one went, the more precious became the ore and the finer the metal. I said to the elder by my side, “How is this?” He quickly and smilingly replied, “God never gives the best He has to give; you will find later on, that truth is unfathomable.” I now felt myself like a little fish just launching out from the mouth of a great river into a great and boundless ocean without a shore to be seen or depth that could be sounded.

My feelings were joyful beyond any power to describe to a mortal man of flesh and blood. It seemed that my entire spirit was in a perfect rapture of delight. I asked the elder, who seemed to take delight in remaining with me, how I was to account for this rapturous joy which was increasing so constantly in my soul, until I felt I would break out into shouting and hallelujahs. He said, “The spirit of God is the atmosphere of heaven; His joy becomes ours on a larger scale than what we ever knew while in our flesh. The great joy that you feel now is only a little foretaste of what you will feel when you are ushered into the city and about the throne.”

Upon this I quickly remembered the Scripture where the prophet said: “In thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures forevermore.” (Psalm 16:11)

A feeling of praise was continually crowding up in my soul for utterance. I wanted to praise God, forever giving me an existence, and still more for my salvation from sin, for changing my heart and bringing me into this glory. Nothing of an earthly character could have induced me to have gone back to the world. I seemed to laugh at the thoughts of the fear of death, which fear belongs only to the impenitent and the unsaved.

The elder, who seemed perfectly conscious of my desire, said to me, “You need not fear of giving utterance to your feelings, for everyone praises God here. Those praise Him loudest and most who have learned how to praise Him best while on earth,”

The elder, whom I found to be Joshua of olden time, and who had been taking such an interest in my introduction into the heavenly state, now said, “Let us go to yon cluster of trees and sit down a moment. I noticed as we approached them that they were growing beside a great river whose waters were clear as crystal and sparkling with a light of which I had but a faint idea while I was in the flesh. The trees were beautiful beyond anything I had ever seen. Their form was so symmetrical and lovely, with no dead or withered branches. The leaves had such an aroma that the fragrance spread over everything and to all parts of the kingdom of God as I was told. Everyone was brought under its influence. I had felt the power of this fragrance long before I knew the source.

The elder now said to me, “Look across to the other side of the river;” where I saw clusters and groves of these trees lining the bank as far as the eye could reach. There I saw multitudes of redeemed souls clothed in the purest white and all of them seemed filled with the same spirit of praise which I had felt so constantly since entering the portals of the kingdom.

The elder again said to me, “Let us gather some of the fruit of these trees and then we will join that company yonder.” I replied, “I would be quite glad to do so, for I have eaten nothing since leaving the body,” and yet I felt no great sense of need. My hunger seemed more like what I had often realized while in the flesh when I felt a longing to hear a good gospel sermon. My guide now said, “What kind of fruit would you prefer? You can have your choice of things here just as you used to in the earth. If you feel faint or weary from your long abstinence from food, this kind (pointing to a certain pear- shaped and beautifully colored fruit) is what you need, for the tree has twelve kinds, as you see, upon it.” I said with feelings of deepest praise, “Oh, how wonderfully God has provided for us! Twelve kinds of fruit on each tree, ripening their fruit every month, and the leaves never withering! Wonderful!”

“Here,” said he, “pluck from the boughs on this side of the tree and eat.” I did so, and much refreshing and enlightening grace as they imparted to me, it is beyond the comprehension of mortal man to know; it must be eaten to be understood. The taste of the fruit was delicious indeed. The earth never furnished anything like unto it for taste, not the orange, peach, nor melon. Nor would the fragrance of the rose compare with it. “When anyone eats of these trees,” said the elder, “he can never die again, grow older nor feel weary; death hath no more dominion over him. One of these trees grew in the Garden of Eden. After our first parents had sinned against God, they thought to eat of the fruit of it also; but God said, “No,” for had they eaten of it they would always have lived in that sinful, dying state. So a flaming angel was sent to guard it, and so man never eats of it until he has passed the boundaries of his earthly life.”

“Now,” said Joshua, “let us cross over.” To my great astonishment I found we could walk upon the surface of the water, which seemed like a sea of glass, it was so transparent, and yet it was gliding and rolling along as beautifully as any stream I had ever seen on earth. I quickly remembered the Word of God by His prophet: “But there the glorious Lord will be unto us a place of broad rivers and streams; wherein shall go no galley with oars, neither shall gallant ship pass thereby.” (Isaiah 33:21)

As we walked along, I asked him, “How is it that we do not sink in the water?” He said, “You seem to have forgotten that you have left your body behind you, and that you are now ready to be clothed upon with a far more excellent body than you have ever known. Your spirit cannot sink in these waters. You will soon find that you can go from place to place at will either in the air or upon the solid foundations of the celestial country; but let us hasten,” he said, for I was inclined to linger at every fresh object I came in contact with, “for I must introduce you to that great company you see yonder.”

As we went on, I glanced up and down the river and saw many other spirits, still later arrivals than I, passing on toward the gathering legions of the blood washed. Among them was my friend, Bohemond of Russia, whom I met as he stepped from the chariot only a short time before.

My soul was filled with such an inexpressible sense of praise to God for the unspeakable gift of eternal life and for such a rational sense that it was I, myself, who once had lived in a world of sorrow and death, the memory of which, with a conscious freedom from it, now filled my soul indeed with ecstasies of eternal joy.

“Now,” said Seneca, “you are weary and need sleep. May God’s good angel guard and give you rest.” And so saying he vanished.

The Last Visit

We stood a moment almost bewildered at the great scenes before us in every direction. We now descended from this great platform or elevation, to find David’s chariot was standing nearby. Mother, Mary and Genevive had just stepped from it. Oh, indeed, it was a glad surprise to see them again in the midst of the great moving hosts about us. We clasped hands and with a love-kiss, clean and pure as heaven itself, we all felt that the unions begun on earth were far sweeter here than any family ever knew while in the earthly life in the flesh. But no wifehood nor husband’s place is desired or hardly thought of in heaven.

David now said: “I must bid you good-bye. The visits and journeys with you have been most pleasant indeed; but I will see you all again. Gabriel with his chariot stands yonder for you. Before you go, shall we not join in one more service of thanksgiving and praise?”

Bohemond fairly shouted at this and we all took our harps and joined David in one more sweet hymn of praise. When we had finished, David waved his hand a pleasant farewell, and his chariot moved away and was lost from our gaze as we followed him with longing eyes, for we had learned to love him exceedingly.

Gabriel now came and addressed us most lovingly. Mother, Genevive and Mary all knew him well, but I had only seen him once since he bade me good-bye at my first entrance into paradise; but I found he was one of the chief angels of heaven, one of the archangels, yet he was Daniel’s servant while yet in the world. I found he led the band who announced the birth of the Saviour and guarded the sepulcher at His death and rolled back the stone at His resurrection.

He now invited us to seats with him in the chariots. “For,” said he, “I am sent into paradise.” We accepted his invitation and were soon stepping into the first chariot of heaven, and one that has traversed the distance between heaven and earth multiplied thousands of times. In that chariot we were soon all seated.

The angel now said to mother and Genevive: “Have you any choice of routes for the journey through paradise? We have a command concerning Seneca, and you are more than welcome to journey with us to the gateway.”

“Indeed,” they both spoke at once, “we would be greatly pleased to go with you, and thou mayest choose the route for thou knowest best.”

“Perhaps Seneca has a choice.”

“Oh, Gabriel, thou blessed of God, choose thou for us, for thou hast knowledge of all places in the kingdom which we have not.”

“Leaving it to me then we will go by way of the mountain regions which lie to the southeast, going out at Benjamin’s gate.”

“Good,” said Genevive, “nothing could please Mr. Sodi better, for he always enjoyed the stupendous and romantic scenery of the earth. David, whose chariot has just gone, has very recently brought Seneca, mother and Mary with myself from the preparatory departments for children, which is far toward the southwest, to the children’s amphitheater in the city where I have been for quite a time assisting the little ones in their first lessons in heaven. Seneca enjoyed the return trip through the mountain region splendidly; so I am sure thou hast chosen wisely.”

“Now,” said Gabriel, “when you are all ready we will be going, for we have to meet our Lord, with very many others, at the gate of Benjamin, which is toward the southeast. I wish for Seneca and Bohemond to sit with me.”

We took our places beside the angel, while mother, Genevive and Mary sat together in the rear. In a moment more our chariot moved away.

“Oh, Seneca, thou blessed of God,” said the angel, “thou art a chosen vessel, selected for a special errand by the Lord Himself.”

“Oh, tell me, Gabriel, what is before me. Heaven has been one glad surprise at every turn since I stepped from the angel’s chariot, at a distant portal of paradise when we first entered this kingdom of glory.”

“Everything is before thee,” said the angel, “almost nothing behind in comparison to what is yet beyond. But Seneca, thou art a favored saint of God and the unfoldings of His intentions toward thee will be made known in due time.”

At this, mother, who was intensely interested in the conversation, spoke and said: “Oh, Gabriel, the man by thy side is my own son and was cared for by these hands from the day of his birth and I am deeply interested in all that is transpiring.”

Genevive now stood to her feet in the chariot and leaning forward clasped her arms to my neck and said; “Oh, Gabriel, this man was my husband on earth and most sweetly were our earthly lives spent together. But here we are joined in an eternal union.”

At this the angel laughed and said; “Are you married again?”

“Oh, no, we are not married, for saints do not marry in heaven, nor do they wish to; but these bonds of highest friendship will be eternal, will they not?”

“Sure,” said the angel. “Your love and oneness will be far sweeter than ever it was on earth.”

“But I would like to know,” said Genevive, “and I know thou canst tell me, if the angels themselves were ever in love among themselves with a love similar to that of husband and wife?”

At that question, Gabriel slacked the speed of his chariot and turning his head to glance over his shoulder at Genevive, who stood with her arms still about my neck, he said; “Thou hast almost put me to blush for we are inferior to you, who have descendants and creations of your own. We have no bride neither bridegroom. But marriage was such a leading passion with the inhabitants of the earth that our Lord intends perpetuating it in eternity, only changed. He is now and ever will be the bridegroom and all the saints, you, not us, will be His bride. We were the working bees of the great family of man on earth and in heaven, neither drones nor queens, but we are all content with our sphere of action. We know no sorrow nor any unfulfilled desire which cannot be fully met here in heaven or on earth. We are your servants, and this trip to the gate of Benjamin and to paradise is my joyful service.”

At this Mary stood up and said: “Oh, Gabriel, this man by thy side is my father, from whom I parted when only just an infant. I think it must have been thine own chariot which brought me to the care of dear grandmother as I learned to call her later.”

At this the chariot stood still and the angel arose and turning himself about he laid his hands upon our heads with the blessings of the chief angel of God and said: “Oh, ye saints of the Most High, I was present when the morning stars sang together and tuned my harp to that sacred melody of the skies. I am the same now as I was then. But before you is an endless progression, an eternal destiny, with exaltations, honors, and blessings of which you know but little now.”

“Now,” said Gabriel, “we must be going, for soon we must join others at Benjamin’s gate.”

The chariot moved on with great speed. The scenery was all new to Bohemond and myself, and Genevive said it was almost new to her. The mansions were beautiful with all the decorations that any soul in heaven could wish. Thousands of saints were coming and going, like a hive of busy bees.

“I see David’s chariot,” said the angel, “coming down that broad avenue yonder.” In a little while we were side by side, with greetings and congratulations, for his chariot was now filled with ancient men and women; saints of renown.

On the chariots moved, side by side, we went, till at last the shining of the wall began to appear and the great gate of Benjamin loomed up before us and as we were slackening our speed, we noticed the most beautiful chariot we had yet seen standing just near the gate. It glittered with the gold of heaven, set with diamonds of beauty. Our Lord Himself was in that chariot. His twelve apostles also were with Him. Such a halo of light, almost with dazzling brightness, shown all about that chariot. In a few moments the three chariots stood side by side. We all bowed our heads, saints and angels together, before Him who had prepared this city for us.

David’s harp was of great proportions. He stood before us all and announced a hymn. We all arose and sang again; while standing in the chariot, the praises of our Lord and Redeemer.

The angel, Gabriel, sang with loud hosannas an ancient solo. Daniel, who was in David’s chariot, and who was a fast friend of the angel, said: “Sing it again,” and surely the sweetest music to which we had ever listened rolled from his hallowed lips.

“Now,” said the angel, “look through this gateway,” and behold, there was an immense company of new arrivals standing just outside, and singing some new songs. This company had been escorted here from different places in paradise much the same as we had been only a short time ago. Stephen, the martyred saint, had led this company. While he was getting them ready to pass through the gateway into the presence of their Lord Jesus, who now beckons us all to a raised elevation close beside the gateway, He laid His hand gently on my head and said: “Son, be of good cheer, thy earthly mission is not yet completed, but as I once called Moses and Elias from these shining gates, so now I send thee to make known what thou hast seen and heard, which is but a tithe of what thou shalt yet see, but this is all they will receive at thy hand now. True unfeigned faith in many sections of the earth is waning. Thou wilt find a faithful helper, on whose head my blessings shall rest. When thou has completed thy journey to the earth, I shall confer the elder’s blessing upon thee — an earlier inheritance of the “purchased possession.” All heads were now bowed, while He prayed and committed me to the angel’s care.

Bohemond and the women came close to my side and said:
“Is it true we must part?”

“Only for a time, yes, only for a time.” And with exaltation, I cried: “I shall soon see you again.”

The Lord said: “Hasten to thy mission, I must welcome these outside the gate, for I have redeemed them by my blood.” So saying, He called Gabriel to His side and gave him a charge concerning me. I bade my kindred and all those who came to see me off good-bye, saying: “I will see you again,” and I mounted the angel’s chariot.

Seneca’s Return to the Earth

The angel now was seated by my side and his chariot moved slowly away. As I looked backward while we were passing through the great arch of the gateway, I saw many of them waving with their hands a good-bye blessing.

We were soon passing beside the great company who were eager to enter the gateway. We gave them all a bow of recognition, saying, “We will see you all again.” We were soon beyond the hearing of their voices. As the chariot vanished from their view, we were rapidly flying along an immense roadway, leading them from the gate of Benjamin to distant places of paradise. Great fruitful valleys spread out everywhere, and thousands of busy saints were gathering the ripening fruits.

“Now,” said Gabriel, “yonder are the mountainous regions of paradise of which I spoke; shall we go past them?”

“Oh, angel, my cup of blessing seems full and will contain, no more. The burden with which I am charged, is absorbing all my thoughts, but if thou art willing, just a hasty flight by the foothills will please me much and suffice my curiosity.”

He quickly turned his chariot to a side road leading up the mountain slopes. Rapidly we were mounting those stupendous heights, On a lovely plateau half way up the mountain summit, Gabriel brought his chariot to halt just to allow me to look abroad over the vast plains and valleys of paradise. Immense gardens of beauty, filled with all varieties of fruits and blooming shrubbery were spread out as far as the eye could reach. I could see at a glance multiplied thousands of busy saints and angels enjoying these luxuries of heaven. My soul was so filled with the ecstatics of glory and praise for these exalted privileges which our good Father had granted me, and the honors conferred upon a mortal man of earth, that I was simply lost in wonder and fell down at the feet of the angel with adoring praise to God. “Oh, Gabriel, stay thy hand of blessing, my cup runneth over.”

“Now, Seneca, we must resume our journey.” With great speed the chariot darted down the great hillsides and across the valleys, through lovely parks and pleasure grounds of paradise. Thousands of honored saints have their mansions in the various sections of this romantic scenery of heaven. I was so overcome with the grandeur of this section of paradise, that I fell down at the feet of the angel again and poured forth my praise to God with loud hosannas. I arose and the angel pointed toward a great paradisical arch in the far distance. Toward it he was steering his chariot. The trees of life were growing everywhere. The aroma of the leaves made the breath of heaven fragrant with their life-imparting virtue. No picture on earth could ever suggest such glory as this.

The angel drove his chariot slowly amidst deep gorges and past sparkling fountains and where groups of men and women were going and coming, or refreshing themselves at the fountains and with the fruit of the trees of life. I said to the angel again:

“What a place to spend the leisure hours of eternity, in rest and recreation! Surely this is heaven!”

The angel now turned to me arid asked if I recognized him. “Oh, Gabriel, at the throne I saw thee.”

He said: “Think again. When thou didst leave thy earthly habitation for this most favored tour of heaven.”

“Oh, angel, thou broughtest me to the gates of the kingdom.”

“Indeed,” said the angel, “and I have a further mission for thee. Only a glimpse of the heavenly inheritance and the greatness of our Father’s house hast thou yet seen, but eternity is yet before thee and it alone will suffice to satisfy thy wondering soul. But now a little quiet rest is needed before thy further mission begins and ere we pass through that great archway yonder.”

Gabriel drove his chariot very slowly along. Hundreds of new arrivals were to be seen with their first rapture of delight in heaven. This I knew from their conduct, so much like my own had been. Some just stepping from the chariots were shouting as we had done.

On, the chariot went, toward the great archway of paradise.

I leaned my head on the shoulder of the angel and for the first time felt a kind of drowsiness come over me. I slept: how long, I do not know, but when I awoke, the chariot was standing still at the threshold of the old home at the foothills of the Cascades. I stepped out and was met by two angels who led me within. I said: “Is it true that I am back again to my earthly home?” Sure enough, for there lay my body which had been carefully guarded by my faithful servants, Sena and Serva, who had previous instructions for no burial for fifty days. More than forty had already passed and yet upon the body though cold and in the slumbers of death, no signs of decay were seen.

It was midnight and the watchers were sound asleep. Gabriel now joined us and laying his hand upon the faces of those who slept, there followed the deep sleep which came over Adam while Eve was being formed from his rib. So no one of the sleepers knew of our presence. Gabriel now passed his hand over the lifeless body and instantly it sprang into life with a mighty change from mortality to immortality. In a moment it was my own again. I shouted: “Oh, glorious body! Oh, redemption of the purchased possession! Mighty change — from death to immortality!” Oh, how quickly I thought of the words of Paul: “For our conversation is in heaven, from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall change our vile body, that it may be fashioned like unto His glorious body.” I stood a moment in wonder, not knowing what to say. I was so overcome with the glory of God, but body and soul became as one.

I now said to the angel: “Who will assist in this work committed to me?”

He quickly directed me to you, my son, explaining the place of your home; “but we will not leave thee,” they said, “until all things are adjusted. Now leave thy earthly home and all therein. They will take care of themselves. Come to the chariot.”

The Cascades and the Rockies were passed and the valley of the Mississippi was soon behind us. Near your humble village the chariot alighted. I have crossed the continent to find you, my brother, and now I am so glad you have so willingly and cheerfully assisted in this work. I have examined your manuscript and approve of what you have done. Let the printer take it from your hands. Put it before the people. Some will not approve, others will bless God. But if you faithfully complete your task, the blessing of Almighty God will be upon you.

He then came and pressed a kiss upon my forehead and turning away, he said: “Farewell, my son. The blessings of the eternal God be thine, blessing thee both in basket and in store. The eternal God shall be thy refuge and underneath shall be the everlasting arms. (Deuteronomy 33:27) He shall convert thine enemy to thy friend, and the angels which so faithfully guarded my mortal body, shall be guard about thy soul.” Again he pressed my hand in his, kissing it again and again, and lifting up his eyes and hands toward heaven, he pronounced the blessing of heaven upon me, and in closing said: “The angel is waiting for me,” and he vanished out of my sight. I quickly followed to the door, but he was gone, for the chariot had borne him aloft.



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(Chapters 1, 2,3,35 and 36)



“My Vision of Heaven”

Marvin Ford


The Angel of Death

Instead of rebuking it I said Lord I can’t take it anymore. I don’t care about the prophets, I don’t care about my job, I don’t care about my automobiles, I don’t care about my home, I don’t care about anything else. I’ve got to get this pain off…I can’t take it anymore. I had gotten so weak…I could not fight it any longer. So I remembered what Jesus said when he was hanging on the cross. “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.” And when I did that the lights went off. And just like that my spirit left my body and immediately …now I didn’t go through that long black tunnel that Dr. Moody writes about in his “Life after Life”,…no I didn’t. I passed by so fast those bright lights at about a 45 degree angle toward the north. You sing that song, Psalms 48:1,2, “beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth, is mount Zion on the sides of the north, the city of the Great King”. That’s the direction I was going in.

A View of the Heavenly City

And just like that, I was looking down on the most dazzling sight I had ever seen or even dreamed or imagined in my entire life! The beauty, the splendor, the magnificence of that city was absolutely breathtaking! The golden hues that were coming out from there, and the rays of light that was coming from that city were just blinding to the eye. Only they weren’t my eyes. My spirit was seeing that. See my eyes were on the bed down there. I don’t know whether they were closed or open….

But I was looking at this…. I saw the walls of jasper! Read it in the 21st chapter of the Book of Revelation. Maybe you’ve already read it and you’ve already studied it; but if you haven’t read it when you get home. They are 1500 miles long, 1500 miles wide, 1500 miles high, and they looked like they were at least 50 miles thick. Now picture that in your mind will you? And picture this, there were no shadows, inside or out. The walls were perfectly transparent because the light from inside that city was so bright that absolutely nothing could withstand it. And I saw in the foundation of those walls precious and semi precious stones. I saw diamonds larger, much larger, maybe 10 times larger that the Empire State Building. Rubies. Pearls. The gates of pearl they look like they were at least 100 miles in diameter. I saw twelve of them; twelve of those gates; three on each side. I saw rubies and sapphires, sardonyx, beryl, topaz, emeralds; the various precious and semiprecious stones.

And I saw from wall to wall, streets, millions of miles of streets of solid gold. Not paved with gold as one songwriter wrote, but those streets are solid gold, completely and perfectly transparent. But Oh the splendor and the beauty and the rays of light that were coming from those streets!

And I saw on each side of those streets of gold, mansions. I saw huge mansions; and I saw little bitty mansions and I saw mansions of all sizes in between. And being a builder, I’m interested in building and I can pick out a building. I don’t care if its a dog house that’s being remodeled, I can pick it out, you know, going down the street. And I looked all over that city, all over that city to see what those mansions were being built of you know. And you know what? I couldn’t find one! They were all finished. They’re all finished! Jesus said in the 14th chapter of John “In my fathers house are many mansions. If it were not so I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go, I’ll come again and receive you unto myself. That where I am, there ye may be also.” And Jesus has done his thing. He’s waiting for us to do ours. He’s waiting for us to fulfill our part of the bargain He made.

Now I’m sure that Paul the Apostle saw the same thing. I’m sure it’s something equal, cause he was writing to the Corinthians in the 12th chapter of 2nd Corinthians. And he says “I knew a man fourteen years ago, whether in the body or out of the body, I know not, and he was taken up into paradise and he saw things that were unutterable, or unlawful to write. Actually there were no words to describe it. Absolutely no words! And the only way John the Revelator could describe it, it says, “It looked like a bride, as a bride adorned for her husband”. It didn’t look like a woman; it didn’t look like a woman with a white dress.

But the purity, the Purity and the Beauty of that City was absolutely unmentionable. There’s no way. But I think Paul began to kind of spill the beans a little bit when he started writing to the Phillipians in the 4th chapter and the 19th verse when he said “My God shall supply all your need according to” your brownie points that you marked up? No he didn’t write that, he didn’t say that. He says “My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus” And that is the way God supplies our needs! And I’m here to tell you that God that I serve is very super extravagant! All those walls of jasper, the streets of solid gold, the very thing that people work their fingers to the bone to try to attain; men kill each other over, countries go to war over; … Gold; that’s the cheapest thing in Heaven. That’s what we walk on! That’s what there’s the most of, there, you see! Except, I saw through, in, around, and about, and all over that place millions of bright shining, shining shimmering scintillating lights; glistening lights, all over that city. And they were moving with such grace and such poise, and such dignity and with such beauty.

And they were all singing. Ha-ha, you talk about a song! You talk about a song! They were singing, worshipping Jesus the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world! Worthy is the Lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world! The only thing, they weren’t singing in English, they were singing in a heavenly language! And I didn’t even have to learn it! I didn’t even have to learn it! I joined them, singing exactly what they were singing and everybody was with one accord, and everybody was on tune.

And I was talking to Dr. Richard Eby, who has had an experience somewhat similar to mine. And he’s a musician, I’m a musician and he heard singing. He heard music! And leave it up to a doctor to ask an impossible question. He said “Marvin, let me ask you, was that music vocal or instrumental?” Well I had never thought of it before! I said “Dr. Eby, really to tell you the truth, I don’t know!” I had never heard anything vocal like it before. I had never heard anything instrumental like it before! He said, “Yes, that is absolutely true! I could not distinguish it. It was coming from the spirit.” Now whether that’s vocal or instrumental, that’s beside the point, don’t make a doctrine out of it. But that’s the way it was, you know. He asked my why…. You know he saw things that I didn’t see and I saw things that he didn’t see. He saw things that were relative to his life. That were pertinent to his disposition, to his likes and to his dislikes. I saw things that were pertinent to my likes and dislikes; and to my disposition. You see the God that I serve is so versatile that He ministers to the individual according to that individuals need. According to your personality and everything. You can put God in a box! And I can’t put God in a box! Because god is very, very, very diversified, see! And he said “Well Marvin, why do you think that everybody… why doesn’t everybody see exactly the same thing?” I said, “Well Dr. Eby, I can figure that out. I can figure that out, why if any three saw the same thing, they’d try to make a doctrine out of it, and start a denomination. Now that’s one thing that we all have in common that have these out of body experiences, when we go to be with the Lord. We see colors that you cannot describe! Millions of ’em! But oh the splendor and the beauty of those colors are just absolutely overwhelming. Even in your fondest thoughts or fondest imaginations! And there were just as many colors as there were spirits, you know. That’s as diversified as our father is!

Finding the Throne

And since we were worshipping Jesus, I said, “Oh, I haven’t seen Jesus yet!” I quoted to you Hebrews 1:3 when he had by himself purged our sins, he sat down on the right hand of the majesty on high. And I knew if I found the majesty on high, which is God the Father, I would find Jesus. And I could personally tell him how much I love him and how much I appreciate him. Now I was going through this maze of colors there was a changing process. I don’t know why, I can’t describe it or even give you any scripture for it. But there was a changing process. And presently I came out into the brightest, whitest, clearest, cleanest, purest, most intense light that I had ever even imagined in my entire life. Oh I was seeing things that I had never dreamed of. And there, anywhere I would look in the upper level of this city 1500 miles square, with that rainbow or that oval type dome for a roof of this city, in there was the throne of God. In any direction I looked, there He was! I could not make any physical being, you know, I couldn’t make out any physical being because Hs Glory filled the throne. But I knew, I knew that Jesus was sitting at his right hand because the word of God said so.

Presently I saw him. A massive, light, shaft of light. And I seemed so small in comparison to Jesus. I worshipped Him. Now when I say I saw Jesus, I knew it was Jesus. I could not make (out) any physical form. Now Dr. Eby could see the physical forms, although he noticed that the physical forms didn’t have any muscles. They didn’t have any marks where you could tell male nor female. And their bodies were completely transparent, but they were physical. I couldn’t see that, the light was so bright that I could not make out any physical being. The only way I could describe that, if you were to take an about 3 million candle power search light, one of these arc lights, you know, that you shine way up into the heavens to advertise the grand opening of a place. During the war particularly when they were searching for planes in the heavens. (That) went way up there for miles it seemed like, in the heavens. Those same lights if you would turn one of those down on a dark night and get out there in front of it, and look at that searchlight, at that 3 million candle power arc light and try to distinguish the filaments in that light, you would have the same success in trying to distinguish the physical being of Jesus But there exuded from that being Love, Compassion, Tenderness, Purity, Power, Glory but yet so tender. There was a gaze that I sensed. Have you ever just felt somebody just gazing at you? And you looked and you saw them gazing at you. And even while they were gazing at you, you couldn’t stop it, they were there all the time? That’s the way I sensed the presence of Jesus.

And I fell down at his feet and worshipped. I know what Jesus meant when he says out of your bellies, or out of your innermost being, shall flow rivers of living water. There was a gusher of praise, and adoration and glory and honor going to Jesus that I could not stop. Nor would I have stopped it had it been possible. I was praising Jesus the Lamb of God, the one who died for my sins, the cause of my being there, the reason for my being there. The preciousness of Jesus just flooded my heart, my soul. And I was worshipping.

Jesus Speaks

And I heard Him say, now it was not a verbal exchange, it was a spirit to spirit knowing, He welcomed me into his presence. And He told me to stand. And there I was standing face to face with Jesus. My Jesus, the Lamb of God, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. I was there in His presence. I began to ask Him questions after I worshipped Him for a long time. And the first question I asked Him was “Lord,” You know his gaze never did leave me one bit, not one second. I said “Lord, how is it that there are millions of spirits here in heaven, there are billions of people on earth and there are people that are coming into your presence continually, how is it that your gaze remains continually on me. I have your undivided attention.” And in that tenderness and in that love and compassion he says “Why don’t you know that there’s enough of me to go around?” For every individual, regardless of how insignificant you might think you are. Regardless how undone, regardless how little, regardless how puny… You know you think you’re nobody, but let me tell you something, but don’t sell yourself short. You are very, very, very important to Jesus. Because He never takes His gaze from you, 24 hours a day. That’s the Jesus that we serve. Oh Hallelujah, Hallelujah! And folks, I don’t know, If I break up, you’ll have to forgive me. Sometimes I do when I get to thinking about Jesus and who he is, and who we are. And, you know, how He loves us, and how I love Him.

The next question I asked His was “Lord, what about those prophets? Did I make false prophets out of all those people that said that I’d be going’ around the world and preaching to millions of people. Are they false prophets?” The answer Jesus gave was this. “I have everything under complete control. I have never lost a battle, nor have I ever lost a skirmish.” Hahaha Hallelujah! And I found out then and there, the Jesus that we serve, there’s one thing that he cannot do! He cannot lose! We as individuals, sometimes, we lose a skirmish here and there. We think we do, but Jesus has everything under complete control. We back up and recoup and we hit the devil right between the eyes. And he’s got to obey us. I don’t care how big, I don’t care how many. I don’t care the power, I don’t care anything else. When the church comes together and takes the authority that rightfully belongs to us, there are not enough devils in hell, imps in hell, or demons in hell that can stand against the weakest Christian. Praise God! Because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world! And they’ve got to obey you! They’ve got to obey you! They are subject to you and they are subject to me! There are only two cases that I have ever come against a demon possessed individual that they weren’t delivered. That’s because they didn’t want to be delivered. But when an individual wants to be delivered, brother they’ve to be delivered because of the authority Son of God that He’s given us!

All authority is given unto Him, in heaven and in earth and He transferred that authority that God gave Jesus to the church. Take that authority! Live in that authority! Walk in that authority! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! You’re a lot stronger than you think! Hallelujah! Because you have Jesus living in you. Living in You! Your body’s a temple of the Holy Spirit! And you do have the authority. All authority is given to the Church! Praise God! When the Church finally comes together and wakes up! I’m talking about the people that kind of pull themselves off to one side I’ve got news for them. Just like I said at the onset of this service. They’ve either got to get in, get out, or get run over! There are a lot of people that think they are going to make it, that are going to miss it so far they wont even see it. When people will stand before him and say ‘Well Lord, didn’t I cast out demons in your name, didn’t I do these mighty works in your name? Didn’t I do this, and didn’t I do that and didn’t I do the other? What did Jesus say to them? “Depart from me ye workers of iniquity”…He didn’t say that I knew you and forgot you, he said I never knew you.

Oh thank God I know him and he knows me! You know him and he knows you. Hallelujah! That’s who you are! That’s who the Church is! And when the Church comes together in one accord. That gentle breeze of the Holy Spirit will break into a holocaust of Pentecost, and the entire world will know that Jesus is the son of God, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. And he has everything under complete control.

I asked him another question. I asked, “Lord, when are you coming back?” You know eschatology was one of my favorite subjects. I knew all the answers, particularly when I first came out of Bible school, you know. Huh! The older I get, the less I know! But I knew all the answers then! I had everything lined right up, point after point after point. Until I asked the Lord, I said, Jesus …. Now he hasn’t changed dramatically these things but there is one thing that I didn’t realize and possibly you don’t realize. Jesus says “Before I come with my Church,” that’s the last step, he comes back with his Church, “I’m, coming for my Church”, but he says, “before I come for my Church, I’m coming to my Church, in an unprecedented visitation.” A visitation of power, A visitation of glory, a visitation of authority, a visitation of bringing together, a visitation of miracles, and that is not relegated for tomorrow or the next week, or the next…. I read the last chapter! That’s now! He is come to his Church, right now. He’s here to meet you tonight! And he will meet you according to the level of your expectancy. Are you expecting something from Jesus tonight, huhuh, you’re not going to be disappointed! Because he says where any two are gathered together in my name, there am I in their midst. And we are standing on the promises that my God will supply our, all our needs. All our needs. Spirit, soul, and body according to his riches in glory, by Christ Jesus. And Jesus is here, just anxious. If Jesus could have any anxiety at all that would be his anxiety; just anxious to supply that need. Anxious to heal your body, anxious to supply what ever your hearts desire. Hallelujah! Glory to God! Glory to God! That’s the Jesus that I serve! Now, I’ve locked horns with the pre millenialists, I’ve locked horns with the post-millenialists, I’ve locked horns with the a-millenialists. And they’ve all got verses of scripture and they …. I could argue any one of them under the table. But I’ll tell you what I’ve done, I’ve started a fourth order. I’ve become a pan-millenialist. I decided to let Jesus take care of things, and everything’s gonna pan out. Ha-ha, hallelujah! Is that good doctrine Pastor? Good, praise God. Everything’s gonna pan out. But he says I am come to my Church, right now.

We talked about a lot of things, about the kingdom; about the coming kingdom; about when we take authority, the complete authority that God intends us to take. You see. We will come back to the true state that God intended for Adam to have and to be in when he created. The very first thing he said when he created Adam, he built him, you know made him out of the dust of the earth. He breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and he became a living soul. And the very first thing, he says ‘now take dominion’. Take Dominion. The second thing he says is be fruitful and multiply. But the first thing is take dominion. And that is why Jesus is leaving his Church on the earth today, is to take dominion. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! And he is come to his Church this very hour.

And Jesus says, “Come, I want you to see the Church the way I see it.” And I had the privilege of seeing the Church, you notice I said The Church through the eyes of the master architect. He saw the Church even before the foundation of the world. It was in his mind; and it was in his eye. I saw one Church; in the unity of the Spirit; I saw a strong Church, without spot or wrinkle, or any such thing. I saw a well Church; I saw a militant Church. That’s ruling, in love, in power, in glory! Hallelujah! That’s what I saw! And that’s what we’re going to see. It’s not everyone that says ‘Lord, Lord’ is going to enter into the kingdom, but he that doeth the will of the father. And as we go together in the unity of the spirit, we are going to see these things.

Source: Marvin Ford, “my vision of heaven”, www.insightsofgod.com, retrieved 25th March 2011, http://www.insightsofgod.com/HTML_TESTIMONIES/marvin_ford_I_went_to_heaven.htm





Oden Hetrick visited heaven on many occasions. The following is the first four chapters of his book “inside the gates of heaven”


He takes you on a tour and you feel as if you are in heaven.


It would take a very long time for me to describe all of my visits to Heaven.  So for this reason, we will take an imaginary journey to that Celestial City and I will be your guide.  Along the way I will answer questions that have been frequently asked by those interested in their Eternal Home.

My first understanding of God’s unseen creation took place when I was in an army hospital with a sprained back.  I had read my Bible and prayed and closed my eyes to sleep, and then I saw ten angels around my bed.  They were seven feet tall with large masculine bodies, beautiful faces, long golden hair and long white shining garments.  When I opened my eyes to see them better, I saw no angels.  Only with my physical eyes closed could I see the angels and feel their presence, because God had opened the eyes of my spirit to behold the invisible world where He lives.

A few years later, while fasting and praying, Jesus Himself appeared to my spirit in my study.  I had thought that I loved Him with all my heart, soul, mind and strength, but He showed me that my love for Him was like a drop of water in a canyon.  I was astounded, but I reasoned that if Jesus appeared to me, there must be some hope for me.

A few weeks later I saw and felt the presence of an angel who was among some peach trees.  This angel appeared to my spirit while my physical eyes were still wide open.  I didn’t know at the time, but this angel was sent to prepare me for visits to Heaven.  The angel said that in Heaven everyone loves everyone.  This statement was rather shocking because all I knew was earthly marriage, where to be right and proper, you love only one person.  But the angel continued to explain that Heaven’s love is far better, far more lasting and far more delightful than the love earth understands.  Heaven’s love comes from God and gives perfect eternal peace.  It brings uplifting, delightful satisfaction to those who help others and thus show their love to everyone.  There is no law against the love that God by His Spirit sheds abroad in willing hearts.

The mild rebuke of this angelic exhortation caused me to despise my likeness to the animal creation and lament my ignorance of the eternal love that unites and delights the saints in Heaven.  I began to understand why my love for Jesus was so small.  And I prayed the Lord would ever more give me that sacred love whereby He loves His Bride the Church.



Shortly after this experience, three angels took my spirit on my first visit to Heaven.  We were there instantly.  Since that time, the ‘peach-tree angel’ has taken me on many guided tours of Heaven, showing to me and describing to me its scenes and activities.  I am learning that I cannot rest my soul’s desires on a temporary existence in a body of death and a world of lust, because they must and will be changed.  True reality is found only in the eternal City of Heaven where my never-dying spirit experiences ecstasies pure and eternal.

After the angel showed me many things about Heaven, the Spirit of God began to show me things of a more sacred nature in the Holy City of God.

Many have questioned me about my visits to Heaven – how I got there, and how they can get there.  So here, briefly, is my understanding of how this works.  The Breath God breathed into Adam at creation was God’s Spirit, and Adam came to life as a body containing a soul, a spirit and the Holy Spirit.  These spirits all occupy the same space at the same time in a human body, therefore Adam appeared as one person.

When I visit Heaven, my spirit and an angel visible to me are carried by God’s invisible Spirit, while my body and soul (my physical nature) remain on the earth.  In order to hear the call of God’s Spirit, I spend much time in Bible study and prayer, watching and waiting.  (Psa.130:6)



God told Moses to build a place on earth where the people could meet to have their sins covered and learn to worship God.  Moses was told to build this tabernacle like the pattern.  The pattern was, and is, the City of God.  So Moses’ Tabernacle had a Most Holy Place within a Holy Place where the priests would serve; and around these was a large area for common people.  God’s presence was manifested by a cloud of glory in the Most Holy Place.

So also as we approach God’s abode in the sky, we come first to the large outer environs, then to the Holy Place, then to the Most Holy Place where God sits on His Throne.

In this visit we plan to see the suburbs of Heaven where we’ll answer some questions, including questions about sweethearts in Heaven.  Then we’ll enter the eastern gate, taste fruit from the Tree of Life, walk on golden streets and experience the crystal River of Life.  We plan to see the people there, how they are dressed, and what they do.  Then we’ll tour a mansion and attend a banquet where Jesus sits at the head of the table.

Next we plan to enter the Most Holy Place where God sits upon His Throne with Jesus at His right hand.  In this sacred Most Holy Place the saints, their clothing, and their chamber mansions are much brighter because they are closer to God on His Throne.

There are many names for Heaven in the Bible.  Here are just a few: The Holy City of God — New Jerusalem — The Kingdom of Heaven — Our Father’s House — Jerusalem above — Temple in the sky — High and Holy Habitation.

We find from these names, and from many other Scriptures, that the City of Heaven is, and always will be, in the sky.  But even on this planet God had fellowship with our forefather Adam in Eden’s Paradise.  And Adam had fellowship with a sweetheart whose name was Eve.  And the three of them — God and Adam and Eve — had a divine fellowship in that long ago peaceful paradise that we know very little about.

But when disobedience entered that beautiful picture, God removed His indwelling Spirit from Adam and Eve.  Then He took drastic measures to restore His creatures to His fellowship — He sent Jesus, His Divine Son, to pay our death penalty.  Now all who turn from disobedience (sin) and follow Jesus, will be restored to fellowship with God; and God’s Spirit will return again as a dove of peace and love, to dwell in every believer.

Our relationship to the indwelling Spirit of God is like the fellowship of two friends.  One friend says to the other, “Let’s go to the park!” and the other friend replies, “I’m all for it.  Let’s go!”  God’s Spirit is like the first friend who knows what to do, and we are like the second friend who caught the excitement of the action and the desire to go along.  Jesus said:

“You will be my friends if you follow my instructions.”
John 15:14

We should learn this loving obedience on earth; if not, we learn it in the suburbs of Heaven where we are now going.



The City of Heaven is foursquare like a cube; its length and width and height are each about 1500 miles.  But in space the City of Heaven appears large and round — much larger than 1500 miles.  This is because of what are called environs or suburbs, the outer parameter of Paradise.  The foursquare Holy City is completely surrounded and enclosed by these suburbs.  The outer edge of these suburbs is very large, much larger even than the earth.  In these suburbs or shadowy groves the saints first arrive when they come from the earth; and in this transition from earth to Heaven, they learn many things.  First, they learn that they can still see, hear, smell, taste, touch and remember, and that they have a form like their earth body.  This form is their spirit, now out of their body.  When saints leave their bodies on earth, they have a sense of freedom as birds flying.  They find their thoughts to be clear and their vision able to see both physical and spiritual realms.

The City of Heaven with its suburbs, its Holy Place and its Most Holy is like a planet; it is self sufficient in every way to provide for eternal beings, just as the earth is able to sustain physical life.

“He built His sanctuary in the high heavens, like the earth which He established forever.”
Psalm 78:69

But the City of Heaven shines much brighter than a planet; it shines like the sun because it is the Kingdom of God.

“Then shall the righteous shine brightly like the sun in the Kingdom of their Father. If your ears can hear — hear this.” Matthew 13:43

In order for the Kingdom of God (it is also called the Throne of God) to be seen in the sky, it has to be a very large place.

And speaking of size, Jesus said to His followers:

“Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit to his stature?” Matthew 6:27

The answer, of course, was that they could not, and therefore should not worry about tomorrow.  But Jesus was revealing a secret that in Heaven we can by thought add one cubit to our height.  In my visits to Heaven I noticed that people appeared to be about five feet tall.  On earth a cubit is 18 inches, but a heavenly cubit is 21 inches.  So a person in Heaven three cubits tall would be 63 inches, or a little over five feet tall.  But when it is their turn to worship God before His Throne, they add one 21-inch cubit to their stature which makes them seven feet tall.

Now these suburbs of the City of Heaven are very much like earth, with grass, flowers, trees, shadows, birds, and animals.  This is the place where spiritual principles must be learned by those saints who on earth did not become very spiritually minded.   It is not true that we suddenly know everything when we get to Heaven.  Christians on earth are admonished by Scripture,

“Study to show yourself approved of God.” 2 Timothy 2:15

Some saints arriving in these shadowy groves would like to stay right here, but they are encouraged to move on to higher glories.  And speaking of travel, it is possible in Heaven to go from place to place instantly, by taking thought.  But it is more interesting and enlightening to travel slowly and enjoy the scenery.  There are two methods of slow travel:

1/ We can move through the air as gracefully as a white dove in the sky of earth.  Most slow travel is done in this manner.

2/ some visitors to Heaven have called its vehicles by the exciting name of chariots.  That’s all right, but what I have seen are just seats with no flaming horses or wheels; and they are not so elaborate as to call attention to themselves.  They just serve their purpose and then disappear.  These chariots come in all sizes beginning with a double open-air seat for two companions, up to large bus-type open-air chariots with many double seats.

These chariots travel on land, on water, or in the air, and this is how they are moved:  God’s Spirit harmonizes all the activities in Heaven, deciding when and where the action is to be.  When the saints hear the call of God’s indwelling Spirit, their emotions respond with a joyful desire to go, and the controlling Spirit of God moves the chariot in which they ride. 

Source: Hetrick Oden, “inside the holy city” www.insightsofgod.com, retrieved 25th March 2011, http://www.loishetrick.com/INSIDE%20THE%20GATES%20OF%20HEAVEN%20contents.htm, (chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4)






In this testimony, Ricardo Cid was taken to heaven in the presence of some other people. The angel first appeared to him while in the church and told him that he would be taken to heaven for eight hours at midnight. The bishop was in church and Ricardo explained to him what was going on. The bishop ordered that Ricardo be taken into a room until the angel came for him. Some people were to keep watch on him.


At exactly the appointed hour the angel came for him. Ricardo’s soul left his body and those watching him thought he was dead but they knew that he had been taken to heaven and would be back soon so they couldn’t take his body to the mortuary.


Ricardo was taken to heaven but before he arrived there he passed through a place up there where demons rule. As you can remember, while Daniel was in prayer, an angel of the Lord was sent to deliver the answer to him but this angel was blocked in this part of space where the demons reign and had to be helped by angel Michael.


In this verse, the kings of Persia probably refer to those demons who rule over the space above Persia.


Daniel 10:13

But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days: but lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me; and I remained there with the kings of Persia. -KJV


Read the testimony now

8 Hours in Heaven

By Ricardo Cid

The Lord says, “I am sending this message to my people on the earth, because I exist in the heavenly realms.

Revelations 4:1
After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter.

Revelations 5:11
And I beheld, and I heard the voice of many angels round about the throne and the beasts and the elders: and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands; Saying with a loud voice, Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honor, and glory, and blessing.

Please, church listen to what has happened to my life. In a dream, the Lord started dealing with me. I remember in that dream, I walked out of my house. I walked on the streets in my neighborhood and I felt that someone lifted me up by my arms into the sky and I was running on the clouds and glorifying God. A great brightness came over me and a voice said out of that brightness, “Ricardo, Ricardo, quit your job because I want to do something with your life and with my church on the earth.” After hearing these words, I trembled violently and woke up from my dream. I got up and I started crying to God and asking, “What is this, Lord?”

This voice came to me very strongly. It occurred to me for many days. Then I laid to sleep again and had the same dream and the Lord repeated the same message to me. After repeated times, I would wake up screaming because God’s voice would increase in volume each time. As I would wake up trembling, I would scream and my parents would ask, “What’s the matter?” I would tell them about the dreams and my mother prayed for me and told me, “If the Lord is speaking to you, then He will give you understanding.” We continued praying all night long until it was time for me to go to work that next morning. My mother told me then to get ready and leave for work. We asked the Lord for a sign to let us know whether or not it was He who was talking to me. I took a shower, got ready, and went to work. I used to work at “Chile Laboratories”.

I really loved my job. I would get picked up at the bus station to go to work. When I got off of the bus, someone immediately told me, “What are you doing here? You aren’t supposed to be in this place any longer.” In several occasions, others told me the same thing. The amazing thing is that they weren’t born again. This is the sign that God gave me. After the sign, I decided to go to my boss to quit. I told him, “I must leave the company because God has commanded me to quit.” When the Lord commands, we MUST obey. My boss was concerned for me and asked, “What are you going to do? Where will you find another job as good as this one?” I told him that I had to obey God. So they had a large farewell reception of two thousand people for me. Afterwards, I gathered all of my things and went back home. As I arrived crying, my mother was already waiting for me at the front porch. I told her that I quit my job because the Lord confirmed my dreams through those people. She replied, “If the Lord spoke to you, then may He do with your life as He pleases.

She and I went in the house talked until nightfall. Then, I told her I need to go to bed because God will talk to me tonight in a dream. I thought he was going to speak to me in a dream, but it didn’t happen as I thought. But, he was going to deal with me in a different way. When I went into the bedroom and took off my clothes, the room started to shake. And I started shouting, “It’s an earthquake that’s hitting Santiago, Chile.” I tried to leave my bedroom, but someone invisible was stopping me from exiting through the door. I was able to see my mom and family across the room and I cried for help but no one could hear me. Now I know, this invisible being was the angel of the Lord. I stepped back and laid on my bed and cried out to God, begging for Him to tell me what’s going on.

Then an audible voice spoke to me. The Holy Spirit began to speak to me in a most beautiful voice, saying, “Ricardo, now that you have left your job, I want you to go to the church and pray seven hours a day every day for your life, and for my church on the earth.” After the Lord stopped speaking, the room stopped shaking. I then stretched my hand through my doorway and found that I could leave the room again. Then I ran to my mother and shouted “I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit” and then left my home and started shouting that outside. Some people don’t believe that God still talks to people today but I tell you it’s true, He does speak to people! If the Lord could speak to Abraham, he can still talk to us, his church today! I went to the church and talked with the Bishop and we agreed to open the church at 8am every morning so that I could pray and obey God’s command. Every morning, I would go to church and pray one hour, two, and by the third, I wouldn’t have anything else to pray for and I’d ask God, “Lord, what else can I pray? I have four hours left!

Then, I heard an underground rumbling starting from the back door of the church. I then felt the church swaying from left to right like a drunk person. During this sway, the Lord spoke to me audibly but not in the same voice as in the dream before. The voice He spoke to me before was with authority, this time, He spoke in a voice of sorrow. He said, “Ricardo, Ricardo pray for my church! My church isn’t the same anymore!! My church on the earth has changed. My church has lost it’s faith. My church doesn’t believe in me or my existence! Tell my church that I exist!! Intercede for my church, because my church doesn’t pray or fast anymore!” The shaking stopped after He finished speaking. I then started interceding and walking up and down the church for the remaining four hours begging for the people of God to revive.

On Thursday of the second week in intercession, I woke up with intense pain in my bones and joints and didn’t want to get up. My mother was waking me up to go to the church to pray, but I complained that my body and bones were in pain. She then recommended that I pray at home instead. However, I reminded her that God specifically told me to go to the church to pray. So, she helped me get dressed and took me to church. That morning, there were many people praying at the church and I asked for prayer because of the pain in my body. I told them I was too weak to pray. So they anointed me and prayed for my body and I received supernatural strength from God!! Hallelujah! I started praying and pacing back and forth, asking for God’s mercy on the nation of Chile and for families and drug abused people and for the church.

I finished the intercession and then came later that night for a church service. After the bishop’s benediction, I lifted up my hands and felt someone pass by and touch my back. When this happened, I lost all strength and fell to the floor. The bishop asked what was wrong with me and I responded I don’t know, I have no strength and I can hardly talk. Then the church surrounded me and began to pray in tongues and shout. Then some of the congregation could see the angel that was coming in and asking me to leave my body. The bishop declared, “You will not leave your body!“. As he said this, the angel stopped motioning for me to leave my body. You see, any person who has authority in Jesus will be honored by the angel of the Lord.

The bishop then asked me, “How long does the angel want to take you from your body?” I then asked the angel, “Are you taking me for one hour? Two? Three hours?” The angel replied, “No, you will be gone for 8 hours to see Jesus in the third heaven because He wants to talk to you.” Then, the angel told me, “I am not the one who will escort you to heaven, because I am your guardian angel who has protected you every day you have lived on this earth.
Two angels will come from heaven to take you to the third heaven at the midnight hour.” I told this to the bishop and he determined to take me in another brother’s car to a pastor’s home on a second floor.  As I laid in a room, we were able to hear dog’s barking and people screaming. 

After my experience, I was told that two men in bright white shining robes appeared in the middle of the street and walked into the first floor of the building and came up to the second floor where I was staying. These angels were beautiful. They had brilliant white hair, whiter than snow and eyes that were fashioned like pearls. Their skin was as soft as a baby’s yet their bodies were muscular like a bodybuilder. These angels are powerful!! I then told the bishop, these angels are here that were sent to take me to heaven. One of the angels started motioning me to leave my body. As this happened, my bones started hurting again. So, the brothers in Christ next to me started massaging my body and telling me that it was getting ice cold. Next, they went to get portable heaters to heat my body up again. As the angels were calling me to leave my body, I started to get desperate and moving from one side to the other. I started feeling death take over my body and I shouted to my brothers in Christ, “Don’t bury me, I will be back!”

I left my body, and then I jumped on my bed. I saw my brothers in Christ touching my body and saying, “He’s gone, he left his body!” But I was right there next to them telling them, “I am here!” However, they couldn’t see my body because it was an incorruptible spirit body. My brothers started wrapping my body in a blanket.

One of the angels told me, “It’s time to go, because the Lord is waiting for you!” Each angel took me by an arm and lifted me up to the heavens and I crossed through the atmosphere at lightning speed. I will tell you this, even if you don’t believe any of this, my Jesus Christ exists and lives forever!! 

Later, When the Lord told me to go back to my body, I told him, “Who on earth will believe me, let me stay with you!! No one will believe this revelation, no one will believe this because they don’t have faith! The lack of faith on the earth is huge, who will believe this experience?” The Lord replied, “Someone will believe your story, only those who belong to my true church will believe you.

As I left my body that night and I was flying at an incredible rate of speed on my way to visit the Lord. I was able to look down and see the planet earth. Then I passed right next to the moon, this glorious moon that brightens the night sky on the earth. Then, I was able to see the giant sun with my own eyes; I was able to see the flames that explode from the sun and warm the earth. Then we continued on and I saw many stars as I passed by them. God allowed me to see the sun, moon, and stars for a purpose: that purpose is to tell all of you that our God is a huge creator of the universe!!! He’s not small by any means!

We continued traveling at a great rate of speed until we reached a place where there were no more stars. No more creation, just darkness. I could look down and see all of the stars below me. I started feeling afraid and asking the angels, “Where are you taking me? Please take me back to my body on the earth!” They then squeezed me tight and wrapped one of each of their legs around mine and held me. I then started bending over in somewhat of a fetal position because of the fear I felt. The angels said “Be quiet! We are taking you to the third heaven where Jesus is waiting to talk with you!” The angels stopped and during this moment I was looking in all directions but couldn’t see anything created, I don’t know where I was, but I think it was the second heaven.

I then was bracing myself in the fetal position while the angels were holding me and suddenly felt and heard the terrible noise of a stampede above me. The angels squeezed me and said, “Ricardo, don’t fear, Jesus is with us!” As they were speaking, they also said, “Turn up your head and look above you!” I then was surprised by what I was looking at because there was some kind of motion by creatures above us. One of the angels said, “Look, we will show you what you are looking at above us!” And one of the angels motioned with his hand from one side to the other and illuminated the entire sky above us to see what was there. As the sky was illuminated there was nothing but demons and devils surrounding the entire sky. The LORD REBUKE THEM ALL in JESUS’ NAME!! The bible is true!! Everything that’s going on in this earth is what you see in Revelation. Jesus is coming soon!! How can I convince you of this, it’s so SOON!! I asked the angel, “What is this place?” One of them responded, “This is the celestial realm of darkness where Satan and his demons inhabit.” I started saying, “That’s why there’s so much evil on the earth! These demons come to the earth from this realm and cause all forms of destruction and wickedness on the race of men. The earth is full of demons!” There are millions upon millions, the number is uncountable.

Then the angels started motioning for me to look more closely and they showed me the faces of these creatures and that many of these horrible beings are already shown to us on television. These beings were MONSTROUS!! I saw the Thundercats and Power Rangers and caricatures from animations and horror movies in real life. All of the creators of these movies and animations have formed a pact with the devil to produce these things for television and cinema!! All of those drawings come from that spiritual realm that I experienced. Why do you think that nowadays children are so rebellious?? It’s because those demons enter into your children as they view these shows that depict them. That’s why we need to learn to teach our kids how to discern what to watch on TV. The angel told me that this is all a reality and truth. All these demons exist and people are making pacts with the devil to bring these demons to the earth. These demons started to curse me, and the church, and the Father, and the Lord Jesus and the earth because they don’t respect God or any his creation.

Then, I saw in the flesh a goblin named Hugo, who is a popular cartoon caricature in Chile. He was horrifying to look at. He came near me and told me, “We will go to the earth and kill all the children!” Why do you think that children are killing children? It’s because some of them said that something came out of the television and told me to do this or that. These demons are planting hatred on the earth, may the Lord deliver and cleanse Chile!! One of the angels told me “Continue to look!” And the demons said, “We’ve tried to destroy the church, but we can’t because when we kill one, then thousands rise up to replace that death!” Since the beginning of the church, Satan has tried to destroy it, the church that preaches the true Gospel and does the work of God, but he can’t because the Lord Jesus protects us! Glory to God! Then the demons said, “Let’s do something new, let’s go inside churches, because there are many in the churches that belong to us! We are going to use these people to spread gossip and division amongst the brethren in church. We will cause churches to fall by gossip and the Holy Spirit will be grieved and leave the church.” The devil goes everywhere looking to destroy those who love the justice of God. Just like in this scripture verse:

1Peter 5:8
be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour.

I didn’t want to see anymore, but the angel told me to continue to look at the events occurring. I saw the demons fleeing everywhere as a single bright shining star was coming. As this star was approaching, it was bringing much praise and worship to the Lord. This star wasn’t a star, it was millions of angels riding on white horses praising the Lord of Hosts!! They were shouting “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the One who lives from age to age! The Lord is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end and let all that has breath praise the Lord!” And then I saw a great battle and could not find the demons anymore. “Don’t fear anymore because there are more angels with us then those on the enemy’s side!”

The angels made a way to the third heaven. They divided into two groups one to the right and one to the left. It was an open way to the third heaven! This way reaches heaven and you could see the celestial city of God. (There is a satellite on earth that has taken pictures of this city. This celestial city exists! This came out on radio and TV.) I was able to see this path of glorious and marvelous angels. They had cleared the entire region from demons and they never stopped praising God and blessing His name! The angels placed me in front of them and told me, “You must wait here!

Then in the distance, I looked and from the celestial city, I saw a personage in white robes riding a white horse. As the being was getting closer to me, the angels would not cease praising God’s name and exalting Him. This person came to about the distance of about 4 meters from me. This being was beautiful, even more beautiful than the other angels. I expected him to speak to me, but what he did was look at me for a little while and shout, “I am! I am Michael the archangel who is in charge of guarding you and the church on the earth!” I met the archangel Michael face to face and he was a precious being! He turned to his side and pointed a way for me to enter the celestial city. He said, “Enter! The Lord Jesus is waiting for you! ” I was walking on the path to the city and as I was walking, the angels were shouting and praising the Lord. I cried and cried as I was looking at the city.

The city was made of pure transparent gold and the doors to the entrance were made of pearl. The floors were crystal in appearance. I had never seen anything like this on the earth and neither could a human being create it. The architect was our Lord and God of the universe. I was outside the city and the entrance doors were wide open. And those doors are still open. I was able to see inside and on the walls were rubies and sapphires and pearls that were brilliant. And from within the city there were millions upon millions of voices praising God! I trembled from outside the city hearing this. I heard a single voice which shook the heavens and behind this voice shouted millions and millions of praises to God saying “Holy, Holy, Holy is the lamb of God and the Father to whom belongs the glory and the honor forever and ever AMEN!” This great voice shouted “BE HOLY, FOR I AM HOLY! ONLY THE HOLY ONES WILL ENTER THIS PLACE! FOR WITHOUT HOLINESS NO ONE WILL SEE THE LORD.” Without holiness, no one will see him.

A voice said, “Enter,” and I entered the city. And I saw a marvelous throne flowing with fire. And as the fire is coming out of the throne, I paid attention and I saw Jesus, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! I fell prostrate before Him on the ground without any strength. His hand came out of the flame extended to me and he said, “Get on your feet!” I gained strength and stood up. I immediately started touching his feet and arms and body. When I saw his face, his appearance is nothing like how artists on the earth produce in their paintings! Many people make gods of wood and many other images! But I want to tell you brothers, that Jesus didn’t look like those images. He was a very muscular God! He’s not a mediocre God, He’s all powerful!! He said, “I am not a God made of chalk or wood, I am a living God who exists!” He continued, “Tell my church on the earth that I am real!! I truly live and exist! Tell my people that heaven is real and I am waiting for them!

He told me, “Come, walk with me and I will show you something great.” We looked down from the ground and could see the earth and all that was done upon the earth. Jesus said, “I am able to see everything that my church does!” He knows everything that we do and I was able to see many of you from heaven. Jesus told me, “Look at my church!” and I saw brothers against brothers, and churches against other churches. Jesus then told me, “My church has lost their faith, they don’t want to believe in me, wickedness has multiplied on the earth and people don’t want to believe that I exist. Tell my people I am going to do something great on the earth! My church is backsliding instead of growing.” The Lord started to cry over His church and He said, “This church is not my church!” I said, “Lord, don’t talk that way! Of course we are your church.” Then the Lord replied, “No, my church walks in miraculous power and signs and wonders! My church has decreased! However, tell them, I will be back to raise them again!

He told me to continue to walk with Him and we went through a door and the ground was made of pure gold. I started running up and down the gold street and picking up gold dust and sprinkling it on my body. And then the Lord told me to come back and tell you that there are streets of gold in heaven. “All this belongs to my people,” the Lord said. “But, in my church there are many thieves who steal my tithes and offerings! Tell my people that no thief will enter my kingdom in heaven!” We need to straighten up our lives for the Lord. Then we saw a very long table for millions of people with plenty of food and refreshments. There were also many crowns and crystal goblets for people to drink from. The Lord said, “Ricardo all of this has been prepared for my people!” This was the table prepared for the wedding of the Lamb.

There is another sister in Christ who was also taken to heaven and she also saw angels going back and forth preparing the wedding supper also! I told the Lord, “Why did this sister see angels preparing things here, but I don’t see any preparations being done?” The Lord replied, “That is because all the preparations are complete!” There are crowns for all those who work and are obedient to the Lord. I then said, “Lord when are you coming back then, if all preparations are complete? How much longer till you return? Show me the clock, how much time is left in the heavenly clock?” Many other people have had dreams of a clock, showing almost midnight when the Lord is supposed to return. I asked, “Lord when will the clock strike midnight? Is it one minute left? five minutes?” Jesus studied my face for a moment, then He replied, “Ricardo, in heaven there is no more clock!” I then responded, “Well Lord, if there is no more time, why haven’t you returned yet?” Jesus lifts his hands and takes his thumb and forefinger showing the sign for something very small and said, “All the time that is left is simply the Father’s grace for those who have backslidden to offer them a chance to repent and do the first works.” And the Lord of Hosts hasn’t returned because he has given us all a tiny space to repent and that time is called “A time of the Father’s grace.” Jesus is coming at any moment, we must begin to seek Him with all our hearts and fast and pray and do the first works of old. I am almost finished. Jesus repeated, “We are on the time of God’s grace!

Then an angel appeared to our right and shouted, “The time has come!! Time is finished. Every preparation is complete! Jesus is receiving His bride!” The Lord is coming and all the signs of the scriptures are fulfilled! The movies are showing that something catastrophic is coming. The scientists know that something great will happen, they just don’t understand what it is! However, we the church know that Jesus is coming soon! When the angel finished shouting, then all of the millions of angels started jumping and rejoicing that the bride is finally returning to heaven. I kept asking, “What is going on?” but no one paid attention to me, they were all rejoicing in the good news. So, I joined the angels and started exalting Jesus’ name also! At that moment, when I lifted my arms I felt someone lift me out of heaven and send me down at a tremendous rate of speed.

Right now, the angels are all rejoicing that the bride is returning. I came back to the earth and was dropped at the pulpit in the church where I would pray every day. Time is so short!! If you don’t want to believe me, then don’t believe.. But He’s coming and it will be for eternity. The people of God don’t want to believe in the rapture. Please awake, for God’s sake awaken to the truth!! (Ricardo is crying).

The Lord was here next to me and He told me, “Ricardo, this is what the rapture would look like if it happened right now!” I was then able to see the whole earth and the precious, beautiful Holy Spirit, the one who gives us peace and joy leave this earth. I then saw a vapor enter the church and surrounded me and I asked the Lord, “What’s this?” He said, “This is what I call the Rapture.” I then saw people breaking down the church doors, wanting to come in, and shouting, “Where are my children? They are all gone!” All children of the earth were gone because God will not leave any behind. The first one to enter the church was the choir director, shouting, “Where’s the church! I am left behind! I stayed! I stayed!” After the choir director, I saw other pastors and brothers and sisters and the overseer of the church all crying, “I was left behind!” Many parents and spouses were looking for their loved ones and the people in the church responded, “Your loved ones aren’t here! The Lord took them.” Then these people would cry, “Then it was all true, Jesus came and took His bride!

People were weeping and lamenting wishing that they had believed in Jesus the Christ. Everyone who doesn’t believe in Jesus as the Messiah is lost! I saw many people and pastors crying and the people started demanding the pastors, “Why didn’t you preach the truth, why didn’t you teach holiness and warn me about all of this? It is all your fault that I was left behind!” Many will stay behind because they are not living holy lives. We need to preach true holiness and teach people to truly repent! I saw how people would beat the pastors and tear them to shreds and pull out their hair. The pastors would cry and beg the people not to harm them. The people would not stop because they were now demonized.

There are entire churches that will be left behind. I saw a brother that was trying to rip his own eyes out because of the sorrow. And people would hit their heads against floors and walls because they couldn’t understand that Jesus was the only answer. Because people wanted to continue in sin and wickedness and live life the way they wanted to. People would cut themselves and bang their heads until you could see their skulls crack and they would fall to the ground. I the blood flow freely in the church from people who were injuring themselves. Then I saw a youth crying out to God, “Please Lord, take me!” It was too late. Jesus had already come and received His church. I fell to the ground because I saw many more terrible things.

Jesus said to me, “In the great tribulation, there will be troubles like never before.” I then asked, “Why are people jumping back up after hurting themselves so badly?” The Lord Jesus replied, “Because at this time, people will long for death, but will not find it. Death will have fled from the earth. I asked the Lord, “Why did all these pastors and people stay behind?” And the Lord said, “Because I know them. I know their hearts.” God knows us.. He knows all of our hearts. I collapsed to the ground, almost fainted. Jesus said, “I wanted to show you this so that you could warn my church and give them hope. Tell them that if people will repent now, I will forgive them while there is still time. I will do a great thing in the earth.”

Please, open your eyes. The evangelical church in Chile is growing. “Tell my people that if they ask for forgiveness, I will pardon.” I then saw another vision and I saw a fire that covered the entire heavens. Jesus asked, “Did you see it? That fire that you see over the earth, is a fire over the country of Chile. Because Chile will be for Christ! God will change Chile!” I then saw the fire move and want to come upon Chile and Jesus said, “My Father’s eyes are upon Chile.” When the fire fell upon Chile, other countries will see it and notice that God is moving there. The church all over the earth rejoiced because of the move of God in Chile. The Lord took me in the vision to a place called “Paseo Humada” and showed me people that were maimed and crippled. Then I saw true believers praying over cripples without legs and commanding the limbs to grow. The limbs would obey and grow before their eyes. People without arms would have instantaneous creation of new limbs. During this time, the Lord will show creative miracles. In the churches people will be healed. In this day, the dead will be raised and God will use you in Chile to perform the same miracles that the apostles of old performed in the bible.

That is the entire revelation that God gave me (Ricardo Cid).  He is coming soon. Maranatha! Amen!

Source: Cid Ricardo, “8 hours in heaven”, www.insightsofgod.com, retrieved 25th March 2011, http://www.insightsofgod.com/downloads/eighthoursinheavenRICARDOCID.doc




Seven Columbian Youths were taken to heaven together as a group. The following are the testimonies of two of them, Esau and Ariel. The photos were not taken in heaven but were added later. The testimonies of the youths were originally transcribed from audio. Illustrations/pictures were added later and were not part of the testimony.


Revelations on Heaven

1st Testimony, Esau

2 Corinthians 12:2 :
I know a man in Christ who 14 years ago – whether in the body or out of the body I do not know, God know- was caught up as far as the third heaven.

We were in the room, when we had the first experience.  The room started to fill again with a light from the presence of the Lord.  It was so powerful that it lit up the entire room.  The room was full of His glory, it was beautiful to be before Him. 

Jesus told us, “My sons, now I will show you My Kingdom, we will go to my Glory.”  We took each others hands and were lifted up.  I looked down and noticed that we were going out of our own bodies.  As we left our bodies we were dressed with white robes and started to go up at a very high speed. 

We arrived in front of a pair of doors which was the entrance to the Kingdom of Heaven.  We were astonished at what was happening to us.  Thankfully, Jesus the Son of God was there with us, along with two angels who each had four wings. 

The angels began to talk to us, but we didn’t understand what they were saying.  Their language was very different from ours, neither was it like any Earthly language.  These angels were welcoming us and they opened those immense doors.  We saw a wonderful place, with many different things.   When we came inside, a perfect peace filled our hearts.  The Bible tells us that God would give us peace that surpasses all human understanding (Philippians 4:7)

The first thing I saw was a deer, so I asked one of my friends, “Sandra, are you looking at the same thing I am looking at?”  She was no longer crying or shouting anymore, as when we were shown Hell.  She was smiling and said: “Yes Esau, I am looking at a deer!” Then I knew that everything was real, we were really in the Kingdom of Heaven. All the horrors that we saw in Hell were soon forgotten.  We were there enjoying the glory of God.  We went to where the deer was, behind it stood an absolutely huge tree!  It was in the center of the paradise.

The Bibles tells us in Revelation 2:7Whoever has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.  I will grant the victor to eat from the tree of life that stands in the paradise of God

This tree is a symbol of Jesus, because Christ is Eternal Life.  Behind the tree was a river of crystalline water.  It was so clear and beautiful, like we never had seen before on Earth.  We just wanted to stay in that place.  Many times we said to the Lord, “Lord please!  Do not take us out of this place!  We want to be here forever!  We don’t want to go back to Earth!” The Lord answered us, “It is necessary that you go back to give testimony of all the things that I have prepared for those who love Me because I am coming back very soon and my reward is with Me.

When we saw the river, we hurried there and got inside of it.  We remembered the scripture that says that whoever believes in the Lord, from his belly shall run rivers of living water. (John 7:38) The water from this river seemed to have life in itself, so we immersed ourselves in it.  Inside and outside of the water we could breath normally.  That river was very deep and there were many different colors of fish swimming in it.  The light inside and out of the river was normal; in Heaven light did not come from a specific source, everything was just brightly lit up.  The Bible tells us that the Lord Jesus is the light of that city (Revelations 21:23).  With our hands, we took some of the fish out of the water; they didn’t die.  So we ran to the Lord and asked Him why.  The Lord smiled and answered that in Heaven there is no more death, no more crying, and no more pain. (Revelations 21:4)

We left the river and ran to every place we could find, we wanted to touch and experience everything.  We wanted to bring everything back home with us, because we were so amazed at the things in Heaven.  They simply cannot be explained sufficiently with words.  When the Apostle Paul was taken to Heaven, he saw things that he could never explain with words, because of the greatness of the things in the Kingdom of Heaven. (2 Corinthians 12)  There are things we saw that we have almost no way of describing.

We then came to a very immense area; a very wonderful and beautiful place.  This place was full of precious stones: gold, emeralds, rubies and diamonds.  The floor was made of pure gold.  We then went to a place where there were three very large books.  The first one was a Bible made of gold.  In Psalms it tells us that the Word of God is eternal and that the Word of God remains in Heaven forever. (Psalms 119:89) We were looking at a huge golden Bible; the pages, the scripture, everything was made of pure gold. 

The second book we saw was bigger than the Bible.  It was open and an angel was sitting there writing inside the book.  Together with the Lord Jesus we got closer to see what the angel was writing.  The angel was writing all of the things that were happening on the Earth.  Everything that has happened; including the date, the hour, everything is recorded there.  This is done so the Word of the Lord can be fulfilled where it says that the Books were opened, and that the people on the Earth were judged according to their works that were written in those books (Revelations 20:12).  The angel was writing all the things that people were doing here on Earth, good or bad, as it is written.

We continued to the place where the third book was.  It was even bigger than the last book!  The book was closed, but we got closer to it.  All seven of us together took the book down from its stand, according to command of the Lord, and we put it on a pillar. 

The pillars and columns in Heaven are so wonderful!  They are not made like the ones on the Earth.  The columns were like a braid, they were made of different precious stones.  Some were made of diamonds, others were made of pure emeralds, others were made of pure gold, and others were made of a combination of many different type of stones.  I then understand that God really is the owner of all things, as it is written in Haggai 2:8, “The gold is mine, and silver is mine.” I understood that God is absolutely rich and He owns all the riches in the world.  I also understood that the world in all its fullness belongs to our God, and He wants to give it to all those who ask in faith. 

The Lord said, “Ask me and I will give you the nations for an inheritance.” (Psalms 2:8)  This book that we put on the column was so big that in order to turn a page we had to walk each page to the other side of the book.  We tried to read what was in that book, as the Lord asked us.  At first, it was difficult to read because it was written in strange characters that we could not understand.  It was different from any Earthly language; it was something totally Heavenly.  But with the help of the Holy Ghost, we were given the grace to understand it.  It was like a bandage was taken off our eyes and we could then understand the writing; as clear as our own language. 

We could see that all seven of our names were written in the book.  The Lord told us that it was the Book of Life. (Revelations 3:5)  We noted that the names written in the book were not the names we were called on Earth; these names were new, so the Word of God can be fulfilled when it says that He would give us a new name that no one else knows but the person who receives it. (Revelations 2:17)

In Heaven, we were able to pronounce our names, but once the Lord brought us back to Earth those names were taken from our memories and our hearts.  The Word of God is eternal, and it has to be fulfilled.  My friends, the Bible says, (Revelations 3:11) Don’t let anyone take your crown, do not let any one to usurp or remove that place that the Father has ready for you.  In Heaven, there are millions of things that are wonderful, we just can’t express it with our mouths.  But I want to tell you something, “God is waiting for you!” However it is only the people that perseveres until the end, who will be saved! (Mark 13:13)

2nd Testimony, Ariel

When we started to go up to the Kingdom of Heaven, we came to a beautiful place with precious doors.  In front of the doors were two angels.  They started to talk, but their speech was angelical and we could not understand what they were saying.  But the Holy Ghost gave us understanding.  They were welcoming us.  The Lord Jesus put His hands on the doors and they opened.  If Jesus were not with us, we would never have been able to come inside Heaven. 

We began to appreciate everything in Heaven.  We saw a huge tree, the Bible describes this tree as the “Tree of Life.”  (Revelation 2:7)  We went to a river, and saw a lot of fish inside.  Everything was so amazing that my friends and I decided to go inside the water.  We began to swim under that water.  We saw the fish moving around and they caressed our bodies.  They didn’t swim away as normally happens on Earth; the presence of the Lord calmed the fish.  The fish could trust us because they knew that we were not going to harm them.  I was so blessed and marveled that I grabbed one of the fish and took it out of the water. What was so amazing was that the fish was very quiet enjoying the presence of the Lord even in my hands.  I put the fish back into the water. 

I could see in the distance that there were white horses in Heaven, as it is written in the word of God in Revelation 19:11. “Then I saw heaven open and a white horse appeared.  Its rider is called Faithful and True; justly He Judges and wages war.”  Those horses were the ones that the Lord will use when He comes to the Earth to take His people, His church.  I walked to the horses and began to pat them.  The Lord followed me and allowed me to ride one of them. 

When I started to ride, I felt something that I had never felt before on Earth.  I began to experience the peace, the freedom, the love, the holiness that a person can have in that beautiful place.  I started to enjoy everything that my eyes could see.  I just wanted to enjoy everything in that beautiful paradise that the Lord has prepared for us. 

We also could see the wedding banquet table, everything was already served.  It had no beginning or end.  We saw the chairs prepared for us.  There was also crowns of eternal life that are ready to be taken by us.  We saw delicious foods that are already set, for all of those that will be invited to the Wedding of the Lamb. 

Angels where there with some white cloth for the cloaks that the Lord is preparing for us.  I was amazed looking at all these things.  The Word of God tells us that we have to receive that Kingdom of God like little children. (Mathew 18:3)  When we were in Heaven we were like children.  We started to enjoy everything there; the flowers, the residences… the Lord even allowed us to go inside the residences.

Then God took us to a place that had many children.  The Lord was in the middle of them and He started to play with them.  He made sure to spend enough time with each of them and He enjoyed being with them.  We got close to the Lord and asked Him, “Lord are these children the ones who are going to be born on Earth?“.  The Lord answered, “No, these children are the ones who were aborted on the Earth“.  Upon hearing that, I felt something inside of me that made me shake. 

I remembered something I had done in the past, when I did not know the Lord.  At that time, I was in a relationship with a woman and she got pregnant.  When she told me she was pregnant, I did not know what to do so I asked her for some time to make a decision.  Time passed and when I went to her to tell my decision, it was already too late because she already had an abortion.  That marked my life.  Even after I accepted the Lord in my heart, that abortion was something that I could not forgive myself of.  But God did something that day, He allowed me to enter that place and told me, “Ariel, do you see that girl that is there? That girl is your daughter.”  When He told me that, I saw the girl, I felt the wound, I had in my soul for such long time, started to heal.  The Lord allowed me to walk close to her and she got close to me.  I took her in my hands and saw her eyes.  One word I heard from her lips, “Daddy“.  I understood and I felt that God had mercy on me and had forgiven me, but I had to learn to forgive myself. 

Dear friend, whoever reads this, I want to tell you one thing.  God has already forgiven your sins, now you have to learn to forgive yourself.  I give thanks to God for allowing me to share this testimony with you.  Lord Jesus Christ I give you the honor and glory!  This testimony is of the Lord, He allowed us to receive this revelation.  I hope that each one of our brothers that reads this testimony shall receive also the blessing of this testimony and take it to bless many others.

God bless you.


Source: Esau, Ariel, “Revelation of heaven and hell by 7 Columbian youths- revelation of heaven”, www.insightsofgod.com, retrieved 25th March 2011,





If you thought people see the things in heaven according to the way they are described in the bible because they have first read the bible before going there, then this testimony will prove you wrong. The writer indicates that Mrs. Sang had no prior knowledge of the city of New Jerusalem and its characteristics but when she went there, she saw the city and describes it in the same way as it is written in the bible.

Read on:

A Chinese Woman Went to Heaven and Returned

Another person who died, went to heaven, saw much of the glories of the golden city and returned to tell of its splendor, was a Chinese woman of Shan Tung Province, North China. This experience occurred in connection with the missionary activities of Miss Louisa Vaughan and is related in her book of remarkable miracles, “Answered or Unanswered”, pages 42-46, from which we quote:

“In the year of 1904, I held a meeting of several day’s duration in the city of Wang Kia Kwan Dswang. My audience consisted of the most stupid and ignorant of Chinese women. Some of them were converts, but most of them came to hear the Gospel for the first time. Among these last was a Mrs. Jang, who seemed, if possible, a little more stupid than the rest. She was one of our number, not because of any interest she felt in Bible truth, but because her husband, formerly a Confucian scholar, had accepted the Savior and wished her to know something of the fundamental principles of Christianity. Her two little children, who were always with her, consumed much of her time and strength. There were some twenty others in the class to be taught, and I had little chance to give individual attention. The prospect of her learning enough truth to be converted was not encouraging.

“My one method of work, however, was prayer with complete reliance upon the power of God through the Holy Spirit to fulfill His promise in John 14 :13,14: ‘And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask anything in my name, I will do it’. In the course of these meetings the Father was glorified in the conversion of Mrs. Jang; for after four days of simple instruction she returned to her home a new creature in Christ Jesus.

“About six months later, when I was holding services in a neighboring village, Mrs. Jang appeared again. This time she brought three children and the family dog. (She had given away the chickens.) Again she stayed four days, absorbed as much truth as she could under the trying circumstances, and again returned home.

“Soon after, she contracted tuberculosis and suffered intensely for a year. Her physical pain was only a part of her distress. Her family realized that a great change had taken place in her life, but they would not accept her testimony. They were especially bitter because she unbound her feet. Disregarding such a time-honored custom was a serious disgrace to them. They tortured her in all sorts of little meanness’s. She would be refused a drink when she was too ill to get it for herself, and she was frequently told that she was to be buried with her feet bare. A modest Chinese woman has only her face and hands uncovered, even in death.

Visions of Other Parts of the Heavenly City

“In the midst of all her pain and trials Mrs. Jang maintained a bright clear testimony. She grieved only because her dear ones would not receive the message of life that so thrilled and comforted her own soul.

“The dreadful disease had about done its work, when I again found myself in her vicinity. The pastor of the church in which I was speaking came to tell me of her year of suffering.

” ‘Miss Vaughan’, he said, ‘the only prayer she has offered for herself during all these months is that she may see your face again.’

The Body in Death Chamber

“Needless to say I went to her immediately. I was received with a welcome of such apparently boundless affection that I felt I had never before known what love was. A few days passed. It was evident that it was God’s will to take Mrs. Jang home, and we who loved her ceased to pray for her recovery. We asked only that God would give her great peace in going, and lift from her heart the burden of grief that it carried because her testimony had not been received by those nearest her.

“I made what I supposed was my last visit to her. ‘We will never see our friend on earth again’, I said to my class. ‘She is very near the heavenly home, and can not possibly live through the night.’

“Early the next morning her father called upon me. ‘Your daughter is now at rest and in the Savior’s presence,’ I said.

“He smiled. ‘Oh, no, no!’ he said excitedly. ‘The Lord has performed a wonderful miracle. She is alive again.

“Then he explained. Mrs. Jang had died at three o’clock the afternoon before, and her family, in accordance with Chinese custom, had immediately prepared her body for burial. At about sunset they heard a noise in the death chamber. They supposed that the children or pigs or chickens (they have equal freedom in the houses of the poor) had gotten into the room. But when they opened the door they could scarcely believe their eyes. Mrs. Jang sat erect on the kang. She had removed her grave clothes and put on those she had been wearing before her death!

“I never taught Revelation in China and nothing had ever been told Mrs. Jang of the glories of Heaven as described in that book. She had instruction for only eight days in her life.


Visions of Other Parts of the Heavenly City

Mrs. Jang Inside the Golden City

“This is her story as she related it to me: ‘I remember seeing all the family around me crying. Then the Lord Jesus came into my room and took me by the hand and said, ‘Come with me!’ In a short time we were before a gate of pearl. It was the gate of Heaven. Angels opened it and we went in. I saw many beautiful houses all of pretty colors. I walked beside the Lord on the golden streets. Miss Vaughan, I was so glad you had told me to unbind my feet; I would have been so ashamed to walk beside my Savior with little feet.

“Then we went on and I saw thousands of angels in a circle, singing and playing lovely music. In the midst was the throne of glory. The Heavenly Father sat upon it, and when I saw Him I was afraid. I hardly dared to lift my eyes’.

” ‘You have come’, He said.

” ‘Yes, Lord.’

” ‘You may go back for a while, but you must return to me here on the twelfth of the month’.

Sent Back to Earth

” ‘Miss Vaughan, here I am, and now they’ll have to accept my testimony, for I have walked on the golden streets and I’ve seen the Father. They’ll have to believe me now.’

“Did her relatives and neighbors believe her?

“People flocked in from miles around to hear the wonderful story. She spoke as an eyewitness and they could not reject her testimony. God’s mighty power was upon it, and hundreds were converted. Even today, missionaries in that vicinity find an eager reception for the Gospel message because that is the ‘Jesus doctrine’ believed by Mrs. Jang who went to heaven and came back again to tell what she saw.

“The days passed until the twelfth of the following month. When that day came the family tried to convince Mrs. Jang that she had reckoned the date incorrectly, but her eager heart was not to be deceived. Late in the afternoon she asked her mother for her grave clothes. Under strong protest they were folded and put on the bed. At sunset while the family were at their evening meal in an adjoining room, she dressed herself quietly in her burial garments then lay down, and her beautiful soul went back to her God”.

It can be seen that the testimony of this simple eye witness of heaven’s glories is in accord with the word of God, and the present day visions of heaven given his children through the Holy Spirit.


Visions of Other Parts of the Heavenly City

This woman had never heard of the Heavenly City nor its golden street. There is no natural explanation for her accurate description of the New Jerusalem in heaven, its “pearly gate”, its “beautiful houses of pretty colors”, “the golden street”, “thousands of angels singing and playing lovely music”, “the throne of glory”, and “the King of Glory”. There is most simple explanation to the child of the Lord—while Mrs. Jang’s body lay a corpse in the death chamber from three o’clock to sunset her spirit was enjoying the bliss of the celestial city, where is “the throne of glory” and “The King of Glory.”

The testimony of this ignorant Chinese woman, as believed by her friends and community, is the testimony to be believed by all of the children of men, that there is a golden city in the heaven far above the stars, the city eternal where “thousands of angels sing and play music” around the throne of God and where the King walks the golden streets with his humblest child amidst the glories of the city of glory, the crown of the universe, the pyramidal capstone of all God’s creation.

This is the abiding city, the golden city that is eternal, the city whose builder and Maker is God, the heavenly Jerusalem that is now the home of the redeemed in the third heaven and will some day be the glory center of the New Earth when God makes all things new.

 Source: “A Chinese woman went to heaven and returned” www.bibleprobe.com, retrieved 25th March 2011, www.bibleprobe.com\nde-chinese-woman.htm


photo source: weekly world news magazine

WASHINGTON, DC – Despite new repairs to the Hubble Telescope, NASA refuses to release old photos or take new ones of Heaven!

In 1994, a researcher smuggled one top-secret photo the Hubble Space Telescope had taken of what is presumed to be Heaven. Weekly World News was the first to print the image and report on Dr. Masson’s findings, but despite the media coverage, NASA refused to acknowledge the existence of the photo.

Now that the Hubble has been repaired and NASA is officially releasing some of its new findings, the Weekly World News editorial team believes it is NASA’s responsibility to further investigate this space anomaly!

NASA has yet to respond, but take a look below for our exclusive report on the first photo:


February 8, 1994

Just days after space shuttle astronauts repaired the Hubble Space Telescope in mid December, the giant lens focused on a star cluster at the edge of the universe – and photographed heaven!

photo source: weekly world news magazine

That’s the word from author and researcher Marcia Masson, who quoted highly placed NASA insiders as having said that the telescope beamed hundreds of photos back to the command center at Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., on December 26.

The pictures clearly show a vast white city floating eerily in the blackness of space.

And the expert quoted NASA sources as saying that the city is definitely Heaven “because life as we know it couldn’t possibly exist in icy, airless space.

“This is it – this is the proof we’ve been waiting for,” Dr. Masson told reporters.

“Through an enormous stroke of luck, NASA aimed the Hubble Telescope at precisely the right place at precisely the right time to capture these images on film. I’m not particularly religious, but I don’t doubt that somebody or something influenced the decision to aim the telescope at that particular area of space.

“Was that someone or something God himself? Given the vastness of the universe, and all the places NASA could have targeted for study, that would certainly appear to be the case.”

NASA spokesmen declined to comment on the author’s report “pending further analysis of the photographs received on December 26.” In spite of official silence, agency insiders concede that NASA “has discovered something that might alter the future of all mankind.”

They also confirmed that President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore have taken a keen personal interest in the photographs and have requested daily briefings. Dr. Masson said: “The Hubble Space Telescope was designed to photograph images as far away as the edge of the universe but a lens flaw prevented it from doing so until shuttle astronauts corrected the defect during a recent mission.

“When they finished their work, the telescope trained its enormous glass eye on the outer reaches of the universe.

“From what I understand, the first images it received were nothing more than kaleidoscopic bursts of color and light.

“As adjustments were made and the focus sharpened, NASA analysts couldn’t believe their eyes.

“After checking and rechecking the data, they concluded that the images were authentic. They also theorized that the city couldn’t possibly be inhabited by life as we know it.

“The only logical explanation was that the city was inhabited by the souls of the dead. As one of my sources put it, ‘We found where God lives.'”

It has been rumored that the space agency has forwarded photographs to Pope John Paul II at his request, but Vatican sources will neither confirm nor deny it.

Dr. Masson, who obtained copies of a single photograph from her NASA sources, says the space agency’s next move “will be most revealing.”

“This is a chance for NASA to come clean with the public and tell us everything it knows,” she said.

(Floori, Marge, “new Hubble images”, www.weeklyworldnews.com, Thursday, September 10th 2009, http://weeklyworldnews.com/headlines/11684/new-hubble-images/)


The story examined

We now examine the story, not to approve or disapprove it, but to see whether such a thing is possible. Read on and come up with your own opinion. Note that we are only looking at the possibility of such a photo being taken by Hubble telescope. This does not mean that we am supporting the story or refuting it. Indeed, we wish to leave you to make your own opinion.

Weekly world news magazine credibility

This magazine is known to exaggerate stories and to publish some really controversial articles. However, it also publishes some true stories. So we cannot trash this story just because it first appeared in weekly world news magazine. It is worthwhile to consider other aspects of the story

Is the photo a space photo?

If the photo published in this article is actually from space, then 99% of doubt of whether it is of New Jerusalem or not is eliminated. Dr. Masson, the scientist who is said to have smuggled the photo from NASA says that they aimed the telescope at a cluster of stars.

I am not an expert in photography, but if you scrutinize the photo carefully, you find that the city is surrounded by stars if at all it was taken in space.

The only people who really know whether this photo is actually a space photo is Dr. Masson, the scientists who allegedly took it to weekly world news magazine, and NASA scientists, the ones who are said to have taken the photo. Since I have not been able to contact any of these people, it really is difficult to verify whether the photo was taken in space or not.

If the photo is really a space photo, then it could most likely be the Celestial city of God because it is clear that what is in the photograph is not a star, a planet or any other known heavenly body.

Since we are only examining the possibility that such a photo could have been taken, let us continue examining other aspects of the story as well

Can the New Jerusalem, the celestial city of God, be seen as a star from earth?

Certainly yes! We see stars because they emit their own light and so does the city of New Jerusalem. New Jerusalem emits its own light.

For an object to be visible from earth, the distance from earth does not matter as long as the light from that object reaches the earth.

According to the bible, the city does not have a sun or moon. The glory of God is its light

Rev 21:23

And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it and the lamb is the light thereof.-KJV

Is the New Jerusalem physical in nature or not?

This is important because if the city of New Jerusalem is not physical in nature, then it can neither be seen with our physical eyes nor its photo be taken by a telescope. It is clear from the bible that the city is made of physical materials such as gold which implies that the city must be physical in nature. The wall, the foundations and the great street of the city are all made of precious metals.

Revelation 21:18-19

And the building of the wall of it was Jasper. And the city was pure gold, like unto clear glass. And the foundations of the walls of the city were garnished with all manner of precious stones.- KJV

The size of New Jerusalem and its distance from earth

If an aero plane passes overhead at night, you are able to see the light emitted by it. If that aero plane was to go higher up from the surface of the earth, eventually you won’t be able to see any light from it and that is only after moving a few kilometers up. This is because of its small size. Yet our eyes are able to see, without any aid, stars that are millions of light years away. This is because of their large size.

The further away an object is from the surface of the earth, then the bigger it needs to be and the more the light it needs to emit for it to be seen from earth.

The city of New Jerusalem is much smaller than most of the stars that you see on the sky. To be more precise, it is much smaller than our planet earth. Remember that here we are not talking of the entire heaven where God lives but of the City of New Jerusalem. The city of New Jerusalem is currently located in heaven. Of course, heaven is much larger that the city itself. The photo seems to be of the city itself rather than the entire heaven.

The size of the New Jerusalem is described in the bible as follows

Revelation 21: 15-17

And he that talked with me had a golden reed to measure the city, and the gates thereof, and the wall thereof. And the city lieth foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth. And he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs. The length and the breadth and the height of it are equal. And he measured the wall thereof, a hundred and forty and four cubits, according to the measure of a man, that is, of the angel. – KJV

The new international version converts the above measurements to be 2,200km long and wide and high and 65 metres thick.

To get an idea of how big this is, the average diameter of the earth is 12,742km.

Since the height, width and length of the walls of the city of New Jerusalem is given, the best statistic to compare with our planet earth is volume. From the measurements of New Jerusalem described above the volume of New Jerusalem is 1.0648x 1010 km3.

According to Wikipedia, the volume of the earth is 1.08321×1012 km3. This implies that the earth is 169 times larger in volume than the city of New Jerusalem!

Given the size of New Jerusalem, in order for it to be observable from earth, it must not be very far from planet earth or it must be extremely bright or both. The bible neither tells us how far heaven is from earth nor how bright it is.

Perhaps, testimonies of those who have been to heaven and back can give us an idea. Seneca Sodi seems to indicate that the City is either within the solar system or not far from it. On his way to heaven, he asked the angel how far heaven was from earth and the angel answered him “not far”.

He also indicates that the light there is far superior to that of the sun.

If Seneca Sodi’s testimony is anything to go by, then it may be possible to take a photo of the City of New Jerusalem.

I quote part of his testimony as written by Elwood Scott in his book “Paradise, the Holy City and the Glory of the Throne”

“No sooner had I taken my seat in the chariot than I found I could converse with the angels with perfect freedom. There seemed to be a kind of comprehension of ideas without the effort of words; and yet we spoke as spirits speak. I have often heard words spoken while in the body which were wholly in the ear of the soul, and yet most distinctly understood when there was no audible voice whatever — the same as at St. Paul’s conversion: he heard a voice distinctly in his inner consciousness while those who journeyed with him saw no man from whom the voice came.

I now asked, “Are you really and truly angels of God, about whom we have read and sung and heard so much while in the world?”

“Truly we are,” they replied, “but of our birth you know nothing, for in fact we were not born but created; not in the earth but in celestial regions. We have learned our lessons in the past eternities in the presence of God; but we are glad to be your servants and helpers now, and this has been our glad service ever since man was created upon the earth, but we can tell you more about ourselves at another time.”

I replied, “We have been strangers until this time, but you make me feel great confidence in your ability to safely guide the chariot. I have been looking for this time for many years, but did not know it was so near.”

“Oh,” said the charioteer, “you need have no fears, I will conduct you safely to your eternal home.”

“I looked out of the chariot again and saw we were passing with indescribable speed. The earth with its cities, towns and mountains were vanishing like a spector in the distance. We soon seemed to have the moon under feet as we mounted the pillars of the heavens. We had much conversation on the way. I found the angels most tender and lovely beings, so full of instruction and helpfulness; my soul loved them exceedingly. I felt as though I was acquainted with the heavenly kingdom, for the angels had told me so much. As I would look abroad from the chariot window, the stars could be seen everywhere just as I had always seen them from the earth; I knew then we had not gone beyond the regions of the solar system, so I asked the angel: “Where is heaven?”

“Oh,” said he, “it is not far away. The earth is the first habitation of man, and while he is of the earth he is earthly in his nature. Heaven is the future and everlasting habitation of all those who have prepared themselves for it. You will soon find that my words are true that heaven is not far away. Your Father’s love and care have provided both these worlds for you. Your heavenly home is your real home. The earth was only your birthplace, the place of your beginning. But when God gave you eternal life He connected you with all heavenly realms, for He gave you His life which has always been. “Look and see,” said he, for I was in the deepest consideration of these things for they meant so much to me now.

I looked abroad; we were just entering a region of bright clouds something like a glorious, glowing, earthly sunset, only far superior. The time had been very brief indeed, but we were actually slowing up in the great suburbs of the eternal kingdom.

-(Scott, Elwood, www.insightsofgod.com, testimonies section)

The Hubble telescope- how powerful is it?

Hubble floats above earth- March 2002

photosource: http://www.hubblesite.org

The Hubble is the only space telescope that the world has. It has been able to observe objects as far away as billions of light years away. To get an idea of what this means, if an object is one billion light years away, then it would take light one billion years to reach earth from that object! It only takes eight minutes for light to reach the earth from the sun.

According to http://www.hubblesite.org, a website dedicated to Hubble operations,

“In order to take images of distant, faint objects, Hubble must be extremely steady and accurate. The telescope is able to lock onto a target without deviating more than 1/1000th of an arc second, or about the width of a human hair seen at a distance of 1 mile.”

– (http://www.hubblesite.org, Hubble essentials: quick facts)

Why a space telescope?


The Hubble is a space telescope. This means it is placed beyond the atmosphere and operates from space. This makes it to work much better than ground based telescopes by eliminating the observatory problems that are created by the atmosphere. The atmosphere partially blocks certain wavelengths such as ultraviolet, gamma and X-rays, before they can reach the earth and this makes observation of objects in space more difficult. This problem is therefore eliminated by placing the Hubble in space.


How it works


photosource: http://www.hubblesite.org


Diagram showing path that Hubble data must travel before becoming an image


According to http://www.hubblesite.org, the Hubble telescope works as follows:

Every 97 minutes, Hubble completes a spin around Earth, moving at the speed of about five miles per second (8 km per second) — fast enough to travel across the United States in about 10 minutes. As it travels, Hubble’s mirror captures light and directs it into its several science instruments.

Hubble is a type of telescope known as a Cassegrain reflector. Light hits the telescope’s main mirror, or primary mirror. It bounces off the primary mirror and encounters a secondary mirror. The secondary mirror focuses the light through a hole in the center of the primary mirror that leads to the telescope’s science instruments.

People often mistakenly believe that a telescope’s power lies in its ability to magnify objects. Telescopes actually work by collecting more light than the human eye can capture on its own. The larger a telescope’s mirror, the more light it can collect, and the better its vision. Hubble’s primary mirror is 94.5 inches (2.4 m) in diameter. This mirror is small compared with those of current ground-based telescopes, which can be 400 inches (1,000 cm) and up, but Hubble’s location beyond the atmosphere gives it remarkable clarity.

-(www.hubblesite.org, Hubble essentials)

Is it true that the Hubble was repaired in mid December 1993 as stated in the article?

Yes. It is true that repairs took place on Hubble in 1993.

According to weekly world news magazine article, repairs were complete by mid December and the first images after repair were beamed to earth on December 26th 1993. This corresponds with the information in http://www.hubblesite.org which says that the repairs were complete by December 9.

The Hubble website says that the images were released (not beamed to earth) by NASA on January 13th 1994 which means they must have been beamed to earth between 9th December 1993, the date when the repairs were complete, and January 13th 1994, the date the photos were officially released. December 9th 1993, the date given by weekly world magazine, is between these dates and therefore a possible date of the beaming of the photos to earth.

Weekly world news magazine published its first article on the images on February 8th 1994 and again on September 10th 2009.

There is no contradiction in any of these dates.

Regarding the repairs, http://www.hubblesite.org states as follows:

On December 2, 1993, the Space Shuttle Endeavor carried a crew of seven into orbit for a mission that would involve five days of spacewalks and repairs. They removed the High Speed Photometer and replaced it with COSTAR. They replaced the original Wide Field/Planetary Camera with the newer WFPC2. They performed a host of other tasks, replacing solar panels, fuse plugs, and other hardware. By December 9, they were finished.

NASA released the first new images from Hubble’s fixed optics on January 13, 1994. The pictures were beautiful; their resolution, excellent. Hubble was transformed into the telescope that had been originally promised.

– (www.hubblesite.org, Hubble essentials)


The conclusion is yours to make of whether the photo is of the New Jerusalem, the celestial city of God, or not. However, from the facts examined above, it could true that a photo of New Jerusalem can be taken and especially by a powerful telescope as Hubble.

If indeed the photo is of the Celestial city of New Jerusalem, then the implications are profound. It would be a proof that the bible is the only true word of God as it is the only book that probably describes the city of New Jerusalem so clearly and so well.

If the photo is not of the celestial city, that does not change the truth. The truth remains that the city of New Jerusalem still exists as described in the bible. Another truth is that when we die we are destined to go to either hell or heaven depending on whether we received Jesus as our Saviour or not when alive on earth (New Jerusalem is currently located in heaven). This decision, my dear reader, is entirely yours to make. The sooner you make it, the better. Be blessed.


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Reader, the verdict is yours. All this is meant to make you think seriously about your afterlife. Remember that heaven exists. You don’t have to go there to believe that it exists. Testimonies of Those who have gone there and come back and the scriptures are enough to help you make a decision of getting saved if you are not saved. The only way you can go to heaven is by accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal savior. If you want to get saved, say the following short prayer.

“Lord Jesus, forgive all my sins. Wash all my sins with the blood that you shed on the cross. I accept you as my Lord and Savior. I believe you died for my sins and resurrected on the third day. Write my name in the book of life. Thank you for saving me”

If you have said the above prayer right from your heart, you are now born again. If you were to die right now, you would go right to heaven. In order to be strong in faith do the following things

  • Tell as many people as you can that you have gotten saved including those who are not saved. The bible says in revelation that they overcame Satan by the word of their testimony.
  • Start/continue reading the bible
  • Start praying on a daily basis. At first may be you will only pray for five minutes but as time goes on, you find yourself praying a lot. prayer is a direct communication with God and is necessary to strengthen you in salvation
  • Look for a church where you can fellowship with others. Join a church where they worship in truth and Spirit. I recommend a Pentecostal church but let the Holy Spirit lead you in this matter.
  • Start preaching to others about the word of God.
  • Be baptized by being immersed fully in water for that is what water baptism means.

    If you have said the above prayer of salvation send me an email using the address smnjogu7775@gmail.com to tell me about it. We shall thank God together.