A typical journey to hell





Think about it. You are lying on your death bed with no hope of ever recovering. Your legs start becoming cold and somehow you fear that you are about to die. Doctors have already left your room. Then suddenly, your soul separates with the body for that is what happens at death. You are not aware that you are dead, for you find yourself in a much better condition than before. You realize that you can see, hear, feel, smell and taste much better than before. There is light in the room and you can see at an angle of 3600.


You look at the bed and see yourself lying there and start wondering what is going on. You fear that the worst has happened, that you are now dead. There is no way you can go back to the body. Before you even ponder about it, you hear an ugly voice calling you outside. Even before you make out what is going on, you start a swift descent towards a place you do not know. It gets darker and darker and you discover that whatever is happening to you is of no good at all.


You are in a very dark tunnel and the speed at which you are moving is very high. You start complaining that you do not want to go that way but there is nothing you can do about it. Suddenly you hear a voice “you deserve to be here!”


You can now sense the smell of burning flesh and indeed see the flames of fire burning. The smell is horrible and unbearable. You hear cries and wails of millions of tormented souls. You discover that you are in hell and worst of all also discover that you deserve to be there for you are aware of how you have lived your life on earth.


Somehow Jesus brings you back to life so that you can tell the testimony or simply gives you a second chance.


However, do know that those who go to hell and back are very few. Most of those who go there never come back. They remain there for eternity, according to the bible.


This blog tells testimonies of how people went to hell and came back and what they saw there in hell. The stories may not exactly be the same but they resemble the description above in one way or another.


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